An Ordinary Life

Cutting up rhubarb for jam

Cutting up rhubarb for jam

My life is far from being anything exotic or extraordinary. The truth is that I live a fairly normal and ordinary life, a retired life. My wife still works on a casual basis which then allows me to take a larger role in the house such as preparing some of the meals, washing dishes, sweeping floors – all so normal. A good example is shown here where I am cutting up the rhubarb which my wife will later make into jam. She picked the rhubarb from our garden this morning and is now at work while I do the cutting up and writing up this post.

Of course, I do most of my work without the need to wear clothing. There are things that I do which necessitates the wearing of clothing in the house. And, just to be honest, I wear clothing when there are other people around. My nudity is a private thing in my home and sometimes in the prairie hills or in my yard and on my sun deck.

When we are in Canada, there is less opportunity for me to be clothing free, than when we are in Mexico. Our private garden in Mexico has eight-foot high solid cement block walls ensuring privacy for both us in the garden and for those who are outside of the garden. We can’t see them and they can’t see us. I also have the luxury of a clothing-optional beach which is only a fifteen minute walk from our little home on the Mayan Riviera. Added to the private garden and the clothing-optional beach is the fact of more sunshine and warmth than can be imagined. When I get home to Canada, there are no tan lines. By the time I return to Mexico, there is no tan left as there is little chance of sunbathing from September until the beginning of the new year. Canada is not made for naturism from mid-September through to mid-June. For us Canadians that leaves us only our homes for the chance to enjoy the freedom of being nude.

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