Naked Gardening Weekend in Canada

Naked Gardening Day in Canada - doing my small part

Naked Gardening Day in Canada –  my small part

It was Naked Gardening Weekend in Canada this past weekend. Though it was sunny out, it wasn’t in the least bit warm. Thus, there was a challenge making an effort to be actively naked and gardening in my yard. The challenge was more than simply cold temperatures and a very chilly wind making it even feel colder. There is also the challenge of being nude outside with not much in the way of privacy barriers.

The fence surrounding our yard is of slatted wood which means that it is easy to peer through the fence. For the most part, the fence is between four and five feet in height. I do have a few bushes strategically positioned for some discrete nude options, but even those few spots are not fully private. Lucky for me, neighbours to the east are rarely home in the daytime with both working. The neighbour to my left, the west, knows I am a naturist and has no problem with that fact though I must confess that she is rarely outside and there is a good growth of trees separating our homes. The neighbour across the back, to the north, always has her blinds closed and seldom ventures out of the house. So, for the most part, I have freedom for nudity in my yard. Yet, that isn’t something to bank on as people do walk down the back alley, cars passing on the street to the north can see most of my yard, and a neighbour two doors down to the east often shows up unannounced in the yard, and even in the house. Yes, she has seen me fully naked and it hasn’t been an issue.

So with all of these things operating in the background, I take risks with nudity – probably not the wisest thing to do as this small prairie town of just over five hundred people is very, very conservative. I wonder why I even bother risking outdoor nudity in my yard? Given the wrong “exposure” it would likely mean that we would have to move to a different town or city. Thoughts?

One thought on “Naked Gardening Weekend in Canada

  1. I have google earth’d your small town and I would be willing to guess that every single occupant is aware of your naturism. It would appear to be quite tolerant and a “keep it to yourself and there won’t be trouble” attitude. Your neighbours are likely long since over the novelty. 🙂

    So long as there isn’t a mob with burning torches standing out front it looks good!

    I have finally created a discrete place in the backyard and am looking forward to the summer. An in-your-face confrontational approach is a sure bet for a losing court case in North America I’m afraid.



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