A Time For Reflection

Rocking chair reading

Rocking chair reading

I am away from home for better than a week with my first stop being at the home of my youngest grandchild. While away from home, my time for naturist activity is reduced to almost none. Yet, this isn’t as bad as it might sound as time with family is probably the best time that exists. I have dug out an old photo from last year to give you and idea of just what my home looks like from the inside. It is a place filled with light and love.

I am grateful for all that I do have. My home is filled with objects such as this rocking chair, which I have restored and brought back into usefulness after too many years of being abandoned. They remind me that everyone and everything has a purpose that is not dated or time-stamped. Nothing is too old, or too used, or too new, or too inexperienced. If I could set aside the notions of the past and the future and experience the fullness of the present, I can avoid those uncomfortable feelings of anxiety for the future and regret and loss of the past.

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