If the Soul is Unhappy, the Body Suffers

Nudity and body consciousness

Nudity and body consciousnes

As I stood on the scale this morning and once again found the dial stopping at 163 lbs, I was encouraged that this number has held for almost a week. It wasn’t long ago that I weighed between 177 and 182 lbs, a weight that had suddenly appeared on my body back in the 1990’s. Before that time, I weighed between 145 and 155 depending on the season – was it road racing season or not. I ran and competed for many years at various distances from 5 km to 42.2 km.

In the 1990’s things changed. First on the change agenda was the shift into midlife where the foundations of what we believe about ourselves and our purpose in life undergoes a revolution. If that wasn’t bad enough, it was then that I began to revisit my past – or should I say that my past decided I had buried it for too long and it needed to be aired out so that the records could be set straight. And then one of my brothers committed suicide. The whole lot sent me into analysis. I knew what was happening to me as I had been dealing with others as a psychotherapist. And so, like a good trooper, off I went to wrestle with dreams, nightmares, and memories that decided to haunt me.

“Fixed,” or so I thought, I returned to work with a will and a vengeance. I didn’t return to running as I had mysteriously developed heel spurs. My weight went up and my fitness levels went down. My work in education began to be affected as well though my counselling practice continued to thrive. There were unresolved issues that decided that it was their turn to put in an appearance which resulted in my hurrying back into analysis in order to deal with these issues so that I could just as quickly return to a productive life. More years passed and the pattern was again repeated.

Following the last series of analysis, things have radically changed. The heel spurs have disappeared, a desire to test my body, and a desire to return to a better appreciation of my physical, emotional, psychological and social self re-emerged from some deep hidden place. As a result, I am getting physically stronger and my weight is slowly dropping. I know I am not “there” yet, there meaning where I am at a state of balanced well-being. However, I know that it is coming closer and will be achieved.

3 thoughts on “If the Soul is Unhappy, the Body Suffers

  1. ..

    I hope you can maintain a proper weight from now on.
    One can lose weight as they get older but as I have found you can not lose the extra skin that covered the fat. Enjoy the beauty of the body while you can. Personally
    I do not like the feel of clothing except when it’s cold. I was born in the 1930’s Hawaii. In the year round warm climate boys wore no clothes unless going to town or to school. We knew what girls were because they were the ones that wore panties.

    After coming to the mainland and working for a railroad I met a conductor Tom Parks in Dodge City. This was a great nudist person and ran a ‘nudist park’ in Kansas. Unfortunately my stays in Kansas were limited for a few hours each trip and I was unable to visit Tom’s people. He was written up in Sunbather magazine in 1955.

    Now I have the time to mingle with the intelligent non-prudes the sight of my body would make the onlookers wish they were blind!

    Keep that body looking good!!!.. Pat..


    • We should meet! As a railroader you’d appreciate the “tracks” all over my torso. Mementos of too many surgeries!

      Can’t, or won’t, judge your body, but the mind seems sharp and lively! 🙂

      That picture of Robert doesn’t look like he has gone to seed.



  2. ..

    I’m Coming out…
    Of the Tipi that is! The wife and I belonged to a primitive camping black powder club. I could not go nude outside but would play my 1963 Fender guitar in the all together before bedtime. The photo was from well into the last century when I was about 50 years old
    Speaking of stitches… I have been allotted my full share! It’s kind of like the Indian that was injured
    while following tracks in the woods. The train ran over him!

    Have a good one.. Pat..


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