Nudity and Full Disclosure

Full disclosure? Or, just nude.

Full disclosure? Or, just nude.

Continuing on from yesterday’s post regarding authenticity, I am bringing two photos, or should I say the same photo with one being cropped.

Is there any less full disclosure?

Is there any less full disclosure?

As I see it, there is the same affect regardless if the genitals are exposed or not, just as there would be no difference in full disclosure whether one is naked or clothed. Honesty has nothing to do clothing or its absence. Naturism is not really about honesty when it comes to the psyche, what naturism does mean is that one potentially responds with more respect for one’s body and one’s environment, something that is very commendable. By itself, engaging in naturism is a surface or outer body honesty. What is going on beneath the outer layer is complex, very complex.

In truth, one can only intentionally disclose what one knows about oneself. As both Freud and Jung taught us many years ago about the nature of human consciousness, that area, the egois only a very small part of the whole self. The rest of who we are exists in our unconsciousness and are shadow contents. Some things about ourselves that we are unaware of, things we deny when others have the courage to tell us what they know about us, are what can best be described as our blind side. Others are conscious of parts of ourselves where we are unconscious. I know – it should be simpler, much simpler than this. And, for those who live a more instinctual life, blessedly unconscious of their depths and the depths of others, there is a real belief that what you see is what you get.

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