Revealing And Exposing The Hidden Inner World

Exploring the boundaries of self

Exploring the boundaries of self

It’s been a while since my last post. Now that I am back home and waiting for some warmth and sunshine to gift me with the opportunity to spend time in the prairie hills, away from town and deep into nature, I am left with filling waiting time with reading, research and some writing. Retirement is providing me with the opportunity to fully experience being present in my life rather than being present in an organisation. Regardless of the organisation, be it a school, a factory, a corporation, or a hospital among the myriad kinds of organisations that provide us with an identity and a purpose in society, a person needs to find an identity and purpose that can only be found within their own body, mind and soul.

I have been exploring those boundaries of my own identity through poetry, much of it which has been shared here, I wrote without conscious intention to control the content in order for images to emerge. I didn’t write the poetry in order to fit with pre-existing photographs. With no photos taken, the question then became, do these poems stand alone without images? For those who have their copy of my first book of poetry, Naked Poetry By the Sea and On the Prairies, you are familiar with how I had an image for each poem. When I began the second book, I had the same intention – but, no photos were taken.

My wife remarked that these poems might be difficult to match with photos. She is correct, as usual. However, difficult does not mean impossible. So now, I have a challenge before me, to find the scenes that will capture some of the images in the poems, and photograph them. I also want to find a way to include others in these images; others who are naturists. And so, I have a task awaiting me – tracking down the images for my next book of poetry which is as much psychological and spiritual as it is about the naked human form.

One thought on “Revealing And Exposing The Hidden Inner World

  1. This is the first time I’ve replied in quite a while.
    Well you all most revealed and exposed it in that picture. …
    I only get to do nude gardening at night in the dark. We have an acre but unfortunately not one spot is safe to enjoy the sun. But I do sneak out after midnight and look for bugs on our tomato plants in the all-together!

    Have a good one.. Pat..


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