At Work, Naturally

Basement Bathroom Renovations

Basement Bathroom Renovations

This weekend I have been busy at my son-in-law’s home helping with basement renovations. The work didn’t get finished, so I found myself with the freedom to work alone and to work nude. It’s a good feeling, especially since it is so cold out that taking time to find a quiet outdoor space for sunbathing just wasn’t going to happen.

When I am alone, I do almost everything wearing nothing but my birthday suit. The only concessions I make are for weather and safety. Sometimes there are tasks that require protection of the body. To try to do everything nude is not an intelligent decision.

A person has to consider a number of factors before deciding to go nude. To disregard this conscious evaluation of the environment is an act of fundamentalism, one that ignores reality in favour of doctrine, or better yet, dogma. Being hard-headed only sets up a situation for unnecessary conflict were there are no winners.

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