Gardening Au Naturel – WNGD

Every year it is necessary to pound in sticks of evergreen fertilizer, the first gardening task in the spring.

Every year it is necessary to pound in sticks of evergreen fertilizer, the first gardening task in the spring.

As is the practice every year, the first gardening task is to pound in fertilizer sticks around the base of all of our cedars along the front of the house and in our back yard. This year, I was able to do this work in the back yard while au naturel as it is a private part of our yard, out of the eyes of our neighbours. Thankfully, it was a sunny day and the yard was protected from the breezes that were quite cool. The air temperature while working in the yard was a crisp 7 C / 44 F, yet it didn’t seem that cold out at all. I thank the sun for being able to feel warm and do this work nude.

Today is World Naked Gardening Day [WNGD], an event celebrated internationally by naturists and non-naturists alike. It is always set for the first Saturday in May which at times is a problem for naturists in northern climates such as the Canadian prairies. Some years there is still snow to cope with, not conducive in the least to garden activity out-of-doors. However, there is always the taking care of nursery plants in greenhouses or in our homes. Because of short growing seasons, many Canadians start their tomato plants, green peppers and flowering plants in their homes.

There is a lot of publicity directed to World Naked Bike Ride [WNBR] which is a clothing optional event that makes its way down busy streets in numerous large cities around the world. In spite of its name, only a minority of bike riders in these events participate fully nude. However, with WNGD, if you aren’t nude, you really aren’t taking part. Gardening is always clothing optional and doesn’t need a special day on the calendar for those who love the freedom of working naked in their gardens. How did you celebrate World Naked Gardening Day?

2 thoughts on “Gardening Au Naturel – WNGD

  1. Boy I haven’t earned my honorary membership card. I didn’t even know about WNGD. An indoor day here – at least for me. Glad you were able to enjoy.


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