NaPoWriMo 2014 – It is Done

Hanging out the clothes on a sunny, spring morning

Hanging out the clothes on a sunny, spring morning

Today is the last day for the National Poetry Writing Month. With today’s poem I will have accomplished the goal I set for myself at the beginning of the month. It feels good to have taken this challenge for two years and to have been successful. Like last year, some of these poems will make it into my second book of Naked Poetry which will hopefully be published later this year.

Poetry aside, there are other things that are keeping me busy. I am doing a fair bit of research for various topics, helping out with household chores – something valuable to take part in when one is in a relationship of equals – and with taking long walks into the countryside. I am looking forward to today’s walk as it will be warmer than yesterday. I am hoping to spot a few crocuses, the first spring flowers, somewhere along the way as I walk some of the prairie hills not too distant from my home.

~ ~ ~

Daring A Natural Life

Listen to the body while walking
pushing up to the moment where
to go further would damage
the body which would demand
time off for bad behaviour.

Feed the body with natural foods
leaving aside those foods that
are designed for shelf life or
modified to increase appetite
straining body systems.

Fill the mind with purposeful
and meaningful presence, with
thoughts and actions that
allow the body to stand
in the sunshine with head
held high even when looking
in mirrors and the eyes of others.

Grace the soul with honesty
refusing to hide behind all
those things that deny
the inner truths of being.

2014 04 30 – Elrose, House of White

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