Turning One's Back To Darkness

Turning towards an intimate relation with nature and the universe is, in many respects, turning one’s back to the modern world as a man. I don’t mean that is turning away from those things that have given us a better way to talk to each other, or the means to work towards healing the earth. Much about our move from a hunter-gather existence to become citizens of the modern world has worked towards making the world safer and friendlier. But sadly, too much of our progress has been at the expense of our own humanity and the earth that serves us as our only home.

We have choices in all that we do though few realise that or acknowledge it if they are aware of their options for choice. Becoming a more conscious person, a more aware person puts us into a hard spot. Unlike those who don’t have the capacity to be able to make reasoned choices, once we have that option, even refusing to make choices is a choice – usually for the status quo where we only continue being part of the growing illness that is invading our bodies, minds and souls.

It isn’t as if we must reject everything, strip off all of our clothing and run wild in uninhabited places in an attempt to set the clock back several thousands of years. What is needed is for each of us to make those small decisions presented every day, decisions that force us to choose light over darkness and despair. Accumulating wealth and fame doesn’t heal what is hurting inside of us. No addictive substance or activity can heal either. Yet, choosing to be kind, to be generous, to smile, to appreciate nature and all who surround us, and that includes those who we see as the enemy – to wish all well and to do what we can to make it happen – all of this is the path we need to follow in order to heal our own pain and to provide the support to others so they can in turn learn to choose light over darkness.

Turning one’s back to the darkness and striding towards the light is a gift.

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