NaPoWriMo 2014 – Day 26

Fathers and Sons

A baby lies quietly in his arms
a boy child, his only son.
Perhaps this child will end
the cycle that is trapped
in repetitive cycles, generational
where the sins of fathers
are passed onto sons
for generations beyond counting.

The boy was born in the spring
a time of hope and renewal.
Perhaps the wheel of Samsara
has turned its last time
with the birth of this boy.

Taking ownership of shadow
a father bends under the weight
of sins of his father, and the fathers
going back into the dim corridors
of the past, carrying the unfinished
and unlived dreams of these men
these ancestors who all look
for release from the
unending repetition of
haunting shadows.

As a father, have I claimed
my own unfinished business
my own unlived dreams?
Have I exposed all the shadows
so that my son’s load is

And now, he is a father who
must wrestle with all the shadows
that have gone before him
shadows that have yet to be
released from their imprisonment.

2014 04 26 – Elrose, House of White

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