NaPoWriMo 2014 – Day 25

Another cloudy and cold day is presenting itself to me this morning. Meditation is done and I am getting ready to leave my daughter’s home where I have been supervising the mostly empty house until my grandsons come home from their high school classes, usually bringing a friend or two with them. For three days, I have lived in relative silence except for late afternoons and evenings as the dog is very old and spends almost all of her time sleeping. In real terms I could even think of this time as emptiness, or maybe even as a distillation time.

~ ~ ~

Distracted Emptiness

Waking into silence, a heavy silence
a silence empty of thought
lingering at the edges, expectantly
waiting, empty.

Staring into the silence, slowly breathing
waiting for consciousness to shrink
the distance from the busy
silent nightscapes
waiting for something, anything
that confirms presence.

Unformed words jostle impatiently
almost angry at being
held like prisoners
in the silence.

Taking a seat on the cushion
action that requires
nothing but intention
and breathing
an intention confirming
life in each breath,
I breathe.

2014 04 25 – Swift Current, House of Beige

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