NaPoWriMo 2014 – Day 23

It’s raining outside and it is quite cool (7C) after yesterday’s summer temperatures (22C). My daily walk will wait until the afternoon in hopes that it stops raining. If not, I will end up walking in the rain. The dull, gray skies doesn’t do too much to inspire much enthusiasm for most things. Thus, it becomes a day to do business type things rather than play type things. Perhaps it is about time as I have been putting off some tasks that have been waiting for me for a bit too long. Still, that said, today’s poem is on its way.

~ ~ ~


Rain falls hesitantly, gently,
flowing with tiny rivulets
along the creases of age
that mark the stilled body
sitting in meditation.

Slight shivers of the skin disturb
the gathering wetness on the body
sending a thrill into the depths
while droplets gather then flow
taking paths that end in the earth.

And I sit here, connected to air
and to the earth, in communion
as though washed by tears
of the universe, forgiving tears
welcoming tears that blur
the lines of separation
calling me home.

2014 04 23 – Swift Current, House of Beige

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