Earth Day Self Portrait

Connected to the earth.

Connected to the earth.

It is the first time I have been able to enjoy nature outdoors naturally since my return from Mexico. Earth Day and I connected intimately with the earth – physically, emotionally and spiritually. It doesn’t get much better than this. The weather was cooperative in making this possible with the temperature reaching 21 Celsius when this photo was taken. The strong winds, gusting to 50 kph, were moderated in the valley where I stopped for this private time with the earth.

I was surprised that i had even stopped as I was en route to visit at one of my children’s homes where I will spend a few days being the adult in charge of teen-aged boys. I was more surprised that I took the opportunity to take a few photographs which included a few that were of myself. I haven’t done this for some time now. I wonder what this means in terms of continuing. I thought I had moved passed this urge, but this evidence tells me otherwise. Does it matter one way or the other?

I am glad that i did stop, spend some time au naturel on the prairie and take this photograph, an image that I consider to be a legitimate self-portrait. Happy Earth Day to all.

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