NaPoWriMo 2014 – Day 21

I had wondered if I would be able to write poetry while my grandchildren and their parents were at our home, here in Elrose. Finding time has been easy without disappointing them because of wanted attention. Sleeping in, playing together with cousins, time out for relaxing in front of the television or their iphones provided me with the time I needed. It wasn’t all that many years ago when guilt would set in when things got quiet which then prompted another round of busyness which served to exhaust everyone. Taking time to allow each person to move with their own rhythms while being open to engagement has made all the difference – more good will, less crankiness, and many more smiles.

~ ~ ~

Behind the Clouds

Clouds shifted to reveal hidden blue skies
before slowly returning to darken the heavens
blurring the boundary between day and night.

Cloaked by clouds and approaching darkness
Transformational golden light gives way to
silver and white presences radiating
a colder light, one that invites sensation
to give way to intuition, to magic.

2014 04 21 – Elrose, House of White

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