NaPoWriMo 2014 – Day 20

It takes a certain kind of courage, perhaps a desperate courage of faith to risk the slow descent into darkness knowing that you will never return the same person you were before taking the journey to rebirth. It is a conscious decision, must be a conscious decision to dare the descent. Falling into darkness and fighting that fall, rather than trusting to the journey of transformation will never allow us to be transformed, raised from the ashes like the Phoenix bird that heralds a new consciousness. Jesus taught us this and today we celebrate his journey of descent and resurrection, a journey that is asked from each of us.

~ ~ ~


A dream disturbs sleep
the oppressive and heavy darkness
circles and intimidates
calling out, demanding
a sacrifice.

Reflexively fleeing into
a dimly-lit life, frightened
hiding behind masks
quoting responsibilities to
the shallow world of work
the constricted world of relationship
hiding behind addictions
hoping that the ghostly voices
forget that we are here.

Taken to our knees
a choice is given
to live forever in suffering
repeating endlessly
life after life
the same dramas,
or to risk it all
to again emerge into
the light.

Dare we remove the masks
strip away all that protects
and stand naked before the
cross which awaits
and suffer the flames
and the death of ego,
only then can we rise from
that death, resurrected
into the light of a new life.

2014 04 20 – Elrose, House of White

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