NaPoWriMo 2014 – Day 13

I had to take some sinus relief medications for the past two nights and it was only minimally effective in dealing with what I assume are seasonal allergies. I guess that some help is better than none, so I am grateful for what I did get. I did manage to breathe through the night though chaotic and weird dreams came with the pills. I woke up tired in time to watch the rising sun paint the harvested fields outside of my window with gold. It looks warm in the sunshine, a golden warmth. However, the view is misleading as it is -7 C. outside, definitely still winter weather, not really conducive to meditation outdoors in the sunshine, the gift given to me in Mexico for the past three months. So, I plugged in my little space heater in front of my indoor meditation cushion in order to take the chill out of the air while I sat. Now, with meditation done, it is time for a poem.

~ ~ ~

Censoring Freedom

In an age where humans are ruled by money
instead of by the rich diversity of humanity
our bodies have been declared obscene and
to allow others to see our bodies is evil.

Covering up the original man and woman and child
censoring the self-willed exposure of human body
shaming the sight of a mother’s naked breast
with a child feeding declaring it offensive
the dark power of censorship is fed with fear.

To walk in a distant, quiet place in nature
wearing as little as nature demands,
with rarely an encounter with others
has become a perversion, an insult
to those who have given up their individual
freedoms for the good of the economy.

What becomes right and wrong is decided
by those who have proven their submission
fashioned to match the needs of a voracious
darkness that needs to grow and grow
a darkness fearing light that would
expose its inhumanity.

2014 04 13 – Elrose, House of White

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