Re-Birth, Resurrection of Naturist Lens

Skyclad in Mexico

Skyclad in Mexico

I have returned to Canada from a three-month stay in warmth and sunshine in Mexico. Returning home is a good thing as it will give me opportunities for social nudity that was not available to me where I lived in Mexico. Both in Mexico and in Canada, being a home nudist is relatively easy.

Being in Canada, I can and do take part in other situations where I can be clothing free. For example, soon (I hope) I can find myself wandering au naturel through prairie hills with birds, deer and whatever else nature provides to teach me that I am an integral part of the whole world, not just an ego stuck in an aging body. As well, I can and will take part in a number of social events with others – BBQs, camping, etc. – at a few naturist/nudist sites on the prairies.

I have been gone from this site for almost as long as I was in Mexico. In fact, I thought that the site had completely disappeared. It was a message from my host server reminding me to update the WordPress software that I used that made me realise that this place was still in existence though it wasn’t visible to the world. A few clicks and the renaming of a file soon had this site re-appear so that I could talk again with you. Is this a good thing or not? Only you, the reader, can answer that question.

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