NaPoWriMo 2014 – Day 7

new life in the garden.

new life in the garden.

I took this photo yesterday with the anticipation that it would find its way here. The photo doesn’t quite capture the richness of contrast that is seen by the naked eye. Yet, there is no question that images, such as this one, is able to communicate more than language. What particularly captured my attention was how the leaf was unwrapping itself from a tight stalk into fullness.

The whole process which I have been watching over the past few days, has reminded me of how my children did the same as they grew from “every thing is possible” infants, into conscious beings. That process couldn’t be captured in images as easily as that of this plant unfolding. Humans development is as much about inner spaces as it is about outer appearances..

And then I though of how, as we mature and gain our meager portion of consciousness,  how we expand in consciousness, reaching for the light of awareness. This idea suggested to me that this image could then be a self-portrait, where the self, constantly transforms – falling apart, being consumed by life as if by fire, and then re-emerging as a changed being. With that thought, it’s time for today’s poem.

~ ~ ~

Out Of The Ashes

Temperatures soar and a fierce wind
sucks life out of the husks of those
things and beings that have drawn close
to the end of time and purpose
The light of the sun burns
reducing the ego’s will to be
turning it to ashes so that
rebirth can follow.

2014 04 07 – Puerto Morelos, Casa Sorpresas

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