NaPoWriMo 2014 – Day 5

It’s another beautiful day here in Puerto Morelos. As I sat in the garden with my morning coffee, I realised that there are only a few more such mornings remaining before my wife and I fly back home to Canada. I realised that once back there, I won’t be sitting in the garden to have my morning coffee for quite some time.

We went for our walk, earlier than usual as we wanted to avoid the heat of late morning. The beach was quiet with only a few walkers met along the way during our long walk. It was this walk which inspired today’s poem.

~ ~ ~

Beach Walk

The sun is already high
with few wandering along the edges of the sea
as waves are beginning to creep up
as low tide has passed.

Feet glide at times over the sand
sometimes tripping over an unexpected dip
or rise or newly exposed rock
bare feet that bend and stretch
and feel the grains of sand
and the swirling, cool water
that advances up the edges
of the shoreline.

Looking out to the sea
where wind has turned the surface
from a calm mirror
to a roiling state of agitation
as though suffering,
a reciprocal state of
stress is experienced
until a return to
mindful breathing.

2014 04 05 – Puerto Morelos, Casa Sorpresas

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