NaPoWriMo 2014 – Day 3

I am tired today and have decided not to take the usual long beach walk this morning and spent the time writing and being lazy. I did write a post here earlier this morning, finishing a post I had begun yesterday before taking a small walk with my wife and her camera. We made a small video for our youngest grandson, probably the last such video before we return home to Canada.  I did get to jump off a dock for the short film. Likely, we will go out later in the afternoon to swim in the sea and cool off from what is shaping up to be a very hot day.

Part of my tiredness has to do with not having a good sleep last night. It seems that dreams decided to interrupt a peaceful sleep and then have me wake up at various times. Oh well, tired or not, life still needs to be lived. With that, it is time for me to write today’s poem.

~ ~ ~


The gate is closed and latched though not locked
Down a short part that turns to follow along the side
of the brightly painted house,
I emerge into a sun-drenched yard
and feel the heat baked into the cement and paving stones
begin to burn my bare feet.

Stripping off clothing,
the little needed to be worn
in this small Mexican fishing village,
I wash my feet before setting out a mat
upon which I place a sweat-stained pillow
and a towel with which I will dry my face.

Before I lay down to bathe in the sunshine
I gather a few things such as hat, an mp3 player
and a small clock to ensure that I don’t
remain exposed too long in the sun’s rays.

And there, in the sanctuary of this
hidden garden I lay still, exposed, vulnerable
and begin to breathe, mindfully.
With each in-breath, I flood the hidden inner
spaces with healing light and warmth
Encouraging the wounds to let go of
paralyzing darkness
With each out-breath, I expel the toxins
that have multiplied and thrived
embracing that darkness and turning
it all into the light of awareness.

It’s okay to do this
in the sanctuary
of my Mexican garden.

2014 04 03 – Puerto Morelos, Casa Sorpresas

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