NaPoWriMo 2014 – Day 1

I am again taking on the challenge of writing a poem for each day of the month of April while still honouring my commitment to my other writing projects. I will make the assumption that these poems will become part of my second book of poetry just as last year’s poems during NaPoWriMo formed a good part of the first book of poetry that celebrates body, mind and spirit uncovered.

A good part of my time here in Mexico where I begin writing this series, is spent as a naturist within the house and garden which have become our home at Casa Sorpresas. The poetry will be a blend of my embrace of naturism, Buddhism and Jungian psychology as was the poetry in my first book called “Naked Poetry: By the Sea and on the Prairies.”

With that said, it’s time for a poem.

~ ~ ~

A Naked Offering  Of Soul

Sun reflects off leaves that are heavy and bent
sun’s rays sliding through spaces overhead
where grass has fallen away
rotted and broken by wind and rain.

Out in the open, with no barrier between sun and skin
with chest and face offered to the sun
like a bronzed, naked, prairie warrior offering his strength
with bone and sinew holding him up
his breast pierced as though he was a puppet
while gravity tries to pull him back to earth,
I offer my being for the healing of earth’s soul.

Standing with arms raised in praise and supplication,
head thrown back and facing the sun
offering the fullness of self to that creative force
trusting that this gift of self
will be enough to invite joy, peace and well-being
into the universe where
all are as one
a holy unity.

2014 04 01 – Puerto Morelos, Casa Sorpresas

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