NaPoWriMo 2014 – It is Done

Hanging out the clothes on a sunny, spring morning

Hanging out the clothes on a sunny, spring morning

Today is the last day for the National Poetry Writing Month. With today’s poem I will have accomplished the goal I set for myself at the beginning of the month. It feels good to have taken this challenge for two years and to have been successful. Like last year, some of these poems will make it into my second book of Naked Poetry which will hopefully be published later this year.

Poetry aside, there are other things that are keeping me busy. I am doing a fair bit of research for various topics, helping out with household chores – something valuable to take part in when one is in a relationship of equals – and with taking long walks into the countryside. I am looking forward to today’s walk as it will be warmer than yesterday. I am hoping to spot a few crocuses, the first spring flowers, somewhere along the way as I walk some of the prairie hills not too distant from my home.

~ ~ ~

Daring A Natural Life

Listen to the body while walking
pushing up to the moment where
to go further would damage
the body which would demand
time off for bad behaviour.

Feed the body with natural foods
leaving aside those foods that
are designed for shelf life or
modified to increase appetite
straining body systems.

Fill the mind with purposeful
and meaningful presence, with
thoughts and actions that
allow the body to stand
in the sunshine with head
held high even when looking
in mirrors and the eyes of others.

Grace the soul with honesty
refusing to hide behind all
those things that deny
the inner truths of being.

2014 04 30 – Elrose, House of White

NaPoWriMo 2014 – Day 29

Chai tea on a sunny April afternoon.

Chai tea on a sunny April afternoon.

Today finally saw the clouds roll away to reveal the sun which has been in hiding. Because the temperature improved from the recent single digit temperatures to today’s balmy 12 C (that’s about 52 F for my American friends), I was able to enjoy tea outdoors without discomfort. The forecast tells me that I will have another two days of these warmer temperatures before again dropping and the sun again being hidden by clouds so that being skyclad outdoors becomes uncomfortable.

Living on the Canadian prairies, I get to experience drastic changes. As an example, yesterday my wife and I drove to the city (we live in a tiny prairie town) through a snow storm that reduced visibility as well as our travelling speed. It was just at the freezing point, which meant that by late afternoon when we were driving home, almost all of the snow had melted.

Today is the second last day of the NaPoWriMo challenge. With tomorrow’s poem yet to be written, I have met the challenge of writing at least one poem every day during the month of April. In May, I will return to writing about naturist topics.

~ ~ ~

Chai Tea

Sitting in the garden
enjoying the sunshine
as it blessed my body
with its light,
skin resisting valiantly
the chill of early spring,
I slipped into a
prayer of thanks.

2014 04 29 – Elrose, House of White

NaPoWriMo 2014 – Day 28

We traveled to the city today in order to buy new hiking boots so that we will have ample time to break them in before we get into some serious hiking during the summer and early fall. On our way home late this afternoon we came across two moose walking across grain fields, a bull and a cow moose. I didn’t have my camera with me, unfortunately, so no photo was able to be taken. Now, it is time for today’s poem.

~ ~ ~

Too Tight

With each day begun barefoot
the touch of toes being intimate
with all surfaces
the return to cold, wet ground
demands a compromise.

Until the season warms the earth
shoes and sandals serve
as mediators, a protective interface
between the skin and the earth.

Reining in the natural spread
of the foot has a cost
a loss of intimacy
and constriction with
all footwear feeling
too tight.

2014 04 28 – Elrose, House of White

NaPoWriMo 2014 – Day 27

Waiting On The Rain

Dull, ashen gray skies blur
the horizon erasing the
separation of sky and earth
as rain percolates through clouds
saturating soil.

Huddled beneath layers
eyes framed by a rain jacket
while boots cause ripples
in puddles on pavement
without leaving prints
to mark the path taken,
the pilgrim with bowed head
walks in penance
walks for salvation.

The clouds will pass
taking the rain
and the dull grayness
revealing the gold
blazing in blue skies
the reward for holding
the tension and believing.

2014 04 27 – Elrose, House of White

Turning One's Back To Darkness

Turning towards an intimate relation with nature and the universe is, in many respects, turning one’s back to the modern world as a man. I don’t mean that is turning away from those things that have given us a better way to talk to each other, or the means to work towards healing the earth. Much about our move from a hunter-gather existence to become citizens of the modern world has worked towards making the world safer and friendlier. But sadly, too much of our progress has been at the expense of our own humanity and the earth that serves us as our only home.

We have choices in all that we do though few realise that or acknowledge it if they are aware of their options for choice. Becoming a more conscious person, a more aware person puts us into a hard spot. Unlike those who don’t have the capacity to be able to make reasoned choices, once we have that option, even refusing to make choices is a choice – usually for the status quo where we only continue being part of the growing illness that is invading our bodies, minds and souls.

It isn’t as if we must reject everything, strip off all of our clothing and run wild in uninhabited places in an attempt to set the clock back several thousands of years. What is needed is for each of us to make those small decisions presented every day, decisions that force us to choose light over darkness and despair. Accumulating wealth and fame doesn’t heal what is hurting inside of us. No addictive substance or activity can heal either. Yet, choosing to be kind, to be generous, to smile, to appreciate nature and all who surround us, and that includes those who we see as the enemy – to wish all well and to do what we can to make it happen – all of this is the path we need to follow in order to heal our own pain and to provide the support to others so they can in turn learn to choose light over darkness.

Turning one’s back to the darkness and striding towards the light is a gift.

NaPoWriMo 2014 – Day 26

Fathers and Sons

A baby lies quietly in his arms
a boy child, his only son.
Perhaps this child will end
the cycle that is trapped
in repetitive cycles, generational
where the sins of fathers
are passed onto sons
for generations beyond counting.

The boy was born in the spring
a time of hope and renewal.
Perhaps the wheel of Samsara
has turned its last time
with the birth of this boy.

Taking ownership of shadow
a father bends under the weight
of sins of his father, and the fathers
going back into the dim corridors
of the past, carrying the unfinished
and unlived dreams of these men
these ancestors who all look
for release from the
unending repetition of
haunting shadows.

As a father, have I claimed
my own unfinished business
my own unlived dreams?
Have I exposed all the shadows
so that my son’s load is

And now, he is a father who
must wrestle with all the shadows
that have gone before him
shadows that have yet to be
released from their imprisonment.

2014 04 26 – Elrose, House of White

NaPoWriMo 2014 – Day 25

Another cloudy and cold day is presenting itself to me this morning. Meditation is done and I am getting ready to leave my daughter’s home where I have been supervising the mostly empty house until my grandsons come home from their high school classes, usually bringing a friend or two with them. For three days, I have lived in relative silence except for late afternoons and evenings as the dog is very old and spends almost all of her time sleeping. In real terms I could even think of this time as emptiness, or maybe even as a distillation time.

~ ~ ~

Distracted Emptiness

Waking into silence, a heavy silence
a silence empty of thought
lingering at the edges, expectantly
waiting, empty.

Staring into the silence, slowly breathing
waiting for consciousness to shrink
the distance from the busy
silent nightscapes
waiting for something, anything
that confirms presence.

Unformed words jostle impatiently
almost angry at being
held like prisoners
in the silence.

Taking a seat on the cushion
action that requires
nothing but intention
and breathing
an intention confirming
life in each breath,
I breathe.

2014 04 25 – Swift Current, House of Beige