Is The Naturist-Nudist World It’s Own Worst Enemy? Part 2

Part of the problem with naturism and nudism is the marketing of the terms. Who or what is actually represented by these words? It is easy to understand that people who like to go without clothing are called nudists, and that those who do so with more than a nominal involvement with nature are called naturists. It should be that simple – well except that many who use these terms do so for other reasons. Hot young babes provocatively flaunting their stuff for some cameraman are often labeled with the term naturists as a means of drawing interested males into yet another porno site where they can discover and perhaps even engage with the buxom and sexy babes under the guise of innocence.

The words have been co-opted by the sex industry who rush to fill in as many hits as possible for web searches for the terms naturist and nudist. Legitimate information searches soon overwhelm people and soon convince many that perhaps all nudity is lewd. With honest questions flooded with false information, it doesn’t take long for interested folk to feel guilt for their interest. The retreat into silence or into tiny enclaves where like-minded people who see and believe in the innocence and even purity of the nude human body, a creation of the supreme deity, can gather for support.

On-line communities are well-intentioned, for the most part. Honest dialogue, sharing of events, sharing of stories and perhaps even photos soon becomes invaded by those who see these places as opportunities to be exhibitionists or to be voyeurs. Membership swells, considered  good thing to start with as numbers tell as story that says the site is perhaps the next best thing in the world of naturist/nudist communities. However when 90% of those numbers are males who post headless genital selfies and adopt profile names that disguise identity as much as decapitation of their profile images, then there is a problem that needs to be dealt with. Twitter, Facebook, and a host of on-line communities are filled with images of men with legs spread to advertise their family jewels.

It’s a problem easily solved in the on-line communities where these memberships can easily be revoked and the inappropriate content deleted. Yet the will to do this work rarely exists. The first, and sometimes only concern is to get membership numbers up even if it means the community loses the base who came with hope for a safe place for open and honest interaction with other nudists and naturists. The truth is, sex sells and that’s what counts in the end.

So how does the problem get resolved? Perhaps it doesn’t and one has to accept that in our modern world, nudists and naturists need to confine themselves behind the doors of their homes and behind the gates of private face-to-face groups and clubs. Perhaps it can be resolved by doing the work necessary to police their own on-line communities with a refusal to accept anything that portrays nudity as pornographic, as lewd, as anything but wholesome and innocent. There is a lot at stake.

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