Is The Naturist-Nudist World It’s Own Worst Enemy? Part 1

Those who are involved in some manner with both the face-to-face world and the on-line world of naturism and nudism find all kinds of resistance from the societies in which they live. Laws are the first line of resistance as simply nudity is equated with pornography and a danger to the public mental and physical well-being. Most sites intent on promoting a clothes-free lifestyle, or at least tolerance for those who choose to be nudists or naturists, focus on the legal aspect with a few of these sites promoting social activism (naktivism). Laws aren’t loosening as a result and perhaps are tightening although nude events such as the World Naked Bike Ride are on the increase with society’s blessing which then turns the events into entertainment. Nudity in entertainment is allowed and prospers with money flowing into the very hands that otherwise ban nudity.

Clothing-optional beaches are disappearing and little seems to be able to be done to reverse the trend. As a result, those wanting to sunbathe by the sea or lake or river must find quiet, abandoned locations and hope that no one stumbles by accident upon them while sunbathing. Why? Bad behaviour. Because media and governments and social organisations have equated nudity with sex, those who are not nudists or naturists use these clothing-optional sites for sexual activity in full view of the public. The law, not discriminating between peaceful users of the beach and the active sexual participants, bans all nudity. Why do nudists expect a society that is phobic about nudity to police the clothing-optional beaches? That expectation only invites exploitation of the beaches by others leaving the nudists feeling like victims.

Victims are victims by choice. Being a victim is a state of mind, not a state of body. Survivors of the Holocaust or other horrendous events are clear about this. Those who survive and come to thrive at some level in spite of the actions of others are never victims – they are survivors. What is needed from those hoping to keep what little is left of spaces and places where one can be clothing free is to change the mind set which looks to someone else to protect those places and spaces. You want to keep a clothing-optional beach? Take responsibility and work together to discourage bad behaviour of others on the beach. Your rights to the beach, as well as the rights of those choosing to keep on their bathing suits are being assaulted.

Take a camera, video recorder along while dealing with a situation of inappropriate sexual activity on the beach. Take along a few others, at least one of which could be wearing a bathing suit, as you remind the participant(s) in this inappropriate behaviour that the behaviour must stop or the photo-video evidence will be forwarded to appropriate legal authorities. This is not a call to physically enforcing a cessation of the inappropriate behaviour, but simply a call to stop being a victim and taking on appropriate responsibility.

5 thoughts on “Is The Naturist-Nudist World It’s Own Worst Enemy? Part 1

  1. A disturbing prospect. Even if elected officials were trying to be open minded and inclusive, even a hint that overt sexual behaviour would/could occur would be enough to scare them off of authorizing a naturist beach. Assuming they are interested in getting reelected?

    Although the nude bike rides are trying to send some message(?) it is just great fun and titillating material for newscast, which attracts advertising dollars. I am very unclear on whether these stunts harm or hurt the cause. However, this is not a practice that engenders calm rational discussion and likely never will.


  2. Long time nudist will say they have been doing that but I think divisions within the clothes free community and the infiltration of folks who are there for sexual reasons prevent a more robust effort. Good question good post thank you for both.


  3. I’ll have to agree with both previous comments. Nudist/naturist communities, especially the local ones directly affected, have been struggling with these issues for years. Though underfunded and politically powerless, some groups have managed to work miracles.

    Unfortunately, those successes have mainly been in the past when adverse publicity was less easily disseminated than is the case now. A small beach in Wisconsin with a handful of arrests of non-nudists instantly becomes world news now thanks to the internet. Local officials are unlikely to stand up for a bunch of nudists when that support is also instantly publicized.

    Confronting the wrongdoers when possible is certainly a good idea, but human nature and sometimes logistics render that unlikely. Most folks at a beach are there to relax, not to get in people’s faces. Often the wrongdoers are within a group, which also makes confrontation undesirable. Plus, at some beaches any cameras seen may just find themselves taking a swim!

    Then of course there’s the possibility that taking nude photos, or photos of sexual activity, without consent might be illegal! And what if one of the participants turned out to be a minor? Kiddie porn charges? Oy vey!

    This is a worldwide problem and as yet no one has discovered a solution short of closing the beach to nudists. Even Haulover, a great success story and well patrolled, has its share of reports of improper behavior, though we’ve seen none on our visits there.

    It’s a sad state of affairs where the innocent are routinely punished for the actions of the few, but isn’t that basis for all situations/laws where the rights of the many are infringed upon in order to suppress the behavior of those who just can’t behave properly? In this case, the general public can’t tell the good guys from the bad, and don’t particularly care.

    Shoot ’em all and let God sort it out. They’re all freaks anyway, aren’t they?


  4. We did a good job of self policing at Lighthouse Beach. As a volunteer Ambassador, I took all sorts of flack and exposed myself to all sorts of risk to my safety as I confronted those who insisted that they had some sort of right to lewd behavior and drug use. And it worked. We cleaned the place up unbelievably and changed attitudes to the point where abusers were confronted not only by us but by ordinary naturists too.

    So what did we get for it? The Superintendent, Christopher Soller, closed us down. This is the very Superintendent who promised to not close us down when he came on board and the very Superintendent who worked with us to start the Ambassador program. And he justified it with 5 year old data from before our program began, with enough political spin to make it look like the whole beach was a big sex and drug fest.

    Presently we are challenging his decision with the help of The Naturist Action Committee and hope we get some results. This outrageous assault on a naturist beach that was there before Soller was even born cannot go unchallenged.


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