Finding Warmth in Winter

The two of us in Mexico

The two of us in Mexico

Well, we are here in Mexico having swapped -36 C. for +25 C. As you can tell from the image, it is cloudy for the most part and rain has been frequent. However, the sun did make a few appearances and there was need for sunscreen as we condition our bodies for more exposure to sunlight.

Along our longish walk that took us about four kilometres away from the centre of town along he beach, a walk of seventy-five minutes south to this point where another couple took our photo, we looked for location along the way which would be suitable for doffing the bathing suits. We found several likely locations, but one location stood out as the best. Last year it was this location at the end of the beach going south which became a naturist moment. It wasn’t long after finding this location that we moved to a different town along the Mayan Riviera for the rest of our winter’s stay. Photos done, we walked another seventy-five minutes back to our apartment and lunch.

It was then time for me to download the photos taken in the morning and do my writing for the day. We are off to a good start for our three months of escape from the intense cold of a Canadian prairie winter.

One thought on “Finding Warmth in Winter

  1. Woke up to a breezy -25C here in SW Ontario today. Balmy by SK standards I know but a bit of a shock here. So far in our city the infrastructure is hanging in. Hate to lose the electricity! Even though the house is warm the cold seems to penetrate if not physically it does psychologically. Tense shoulders. Breathe and relax ……… the end is in sight.

    I am sure you and your wife will enjoy your three months of relaxation and escape from bone chilling cold. I hope the sunbathing and skinny dipping opportunities are numerous.

    Post often but don’t gloat! 🙂


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