Boxing Day Relaxation

Boxing Day in LondonIt’s Boxing Day in Canada. Unlike many others, I won’t be headed out to do some shopping today. I am allergic to unnecessary shopping at the best of times. Today’s image comes by the way of one of my readers who posted it on a naturist social network site that I sometimes visit as I have made a few friends there, naturist friends of course. I brought the image here because sometimes, if not most times, we need to lighten up and not take ourselves so seriously. The image shows a light-hearted protest outside of Harrod’s in London, England.

And example of lightening up came up this morning as my wife and I discussed what needed to be taken to Mexico for our three-month stay. She asked if my skimpy bathing suits needed replacing [unnecessary shopping alert] suggesting I could head out shopping if I thought they needed replacing. Then she laughed as I only wear them when strolling the public sections of the beaches we frequent. She then told me that I could try doing without them and see how that went over with the community and police.

Our suitcases are struggling for content as we can buy anything we want and need while in Mexico and the warm weather keeps clothing to its minimal requirements. A neighbour couple will join us for a month late in the winter. It will be a bit of a shock, well maybe not that much of a shock, to deal with the lack of clothing that is sure to catch their attention from time to time. I somehow think it will lead to a lot of good-natured laughter. Now, it’s back to considering what to pack and what to leave out.

Merry Christmas to all.

One thought on “Boxing Day Relaxation

  1. Quite the funny card. Hopefully no recipients were caught unawares!

    So three months in Mexico. A charmed life perhaps? Enjoy lots of naked meditation and contemplating how and by what magic the world of the grandchildren will be better.


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