The Naked Truth is Slippery

Blue Buddha

Blue Buddha

The house has become quiet again with the exception of two little dogs which have been left behind while my son and his young family are off for a Mexican week-long holiday before Christmas. We were lucky to have his family visit with us for a few days and look forward to yet a few more days of visiting upon their return before they head back to their own home and work.

I began today with my morning nude meditation as I do most mornings before returning to writing. I have begun to work on the second novel in a series that is called, Healing the Soul, SkycladThe main characters remain the same with both Rainier and Marynia occupying centre stage. There are new characters added and some old characters retreat into the past.

As many of my readers must have already guessed, the series is based on real life, my life. I have decided to tell my story within the format of a series of novels rather than as an autobiography. Why? I want to stress the fact that every story is a remembered story that is unique. The characters in my novels are real people and I have no doubt that they would tell the story quite differently, from their viewpoint based on their unique history even within the same family contexts and life events. Truth is slippery.


2 thoughts on “The Naked Truth is Slippery

  1. Quite the life so far Robert! Both good and trying. But lots of gold threads in your bowl that make it stronger and more beautiful, eh?

    Truth is also relative as you suggest. The tool used most effectively by politicians.




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