Self-Perceived Flawed Humans

It is about the light.

It is about the light.

There is a real need to take ownership back, ownership of one’s body, mind and soul. In the end, it really doesn’t matter what other people think or say. One’s well-being ultimately falls to what we think and say about ourselves.

In the world of nudism and naturism, there is often the same dialogue and drama about the human body as there is in the rest of the human population. There seem to be more should’s and should not’s than one would expect. The idea that humans should follow rules rather than respond to their environment of people, place and time in a natural way seems to be non-existent. Humans just don’t trust each other, or themselves. We’ve somehow come to believe that humans are essentially not to be trusted, that somehow humans and their bodies are basically flawed.

With the modern psyche accepting this idea of humanity being flawed as a central belief embedded in religion, law, and social relationship (with the exception of activities that serve economic interests), there is a built in filter that has us cover up our self-perceived flawed bodies, and our self-perceived flawed characters. Humans work hard to present a self-idealized version of themselves, typically through the clothing they wear which is carefully selected with that self-idealized version in mind. Other strategies include exercise and diet. To do any less is to be vulnerable, to give up power over self to others – at least, that is what we tell ourselves.

We also have built in filters to cover up the truth about our inner selves. We adopt different personae to convince our various audiences that we are okay, worth the time and effort for relationship. And, we hope like hell that the shadows we are deliberately hiding, stay hidden. We worry that no one would come within ten feet of us if they saw who we really were under our social disguises.

We work harder and harder to keep the physical and psychological truths of who we really are at bay. The harder we try, it seems the more cracks appear in our efforts which force us to up the ante and adopt newer and proclaimed more effective strategies to appear perfect in the eyes of others. Or else, we simply say the hell with it all.


2 thoughts on “Self-Perceived Flawed Humans

  1. Hey , where’s the mustache ?
    Perhaps as a matter of degree we are all like this – I can only speak for myself and I have surely tried to project an image that suggests I’m “in control” and “I know what I’m talking about ” . But I also know what it means to be on the other side of the equation – to feel vulnerable and afraid , and to want to hide these feelings , especially to myself . In a better moment I can accept the grace that comes at these times too – as difficult as that can be . We are part of a larger world that wants to tell us who we are and when we can act -and we want to belong -find meaning in our world that reaches beyond the ordinary . At least I do . It took me almost 30 years to see that the world I wanted to be a part of – that I felt rejected by was not the world that created the art I so admired but that the art I aspired to make was itself a rejection of that world . It’s no different now . It takes courage to be vulnerable and this is the paradox that always confronts us ….sometimes it feels dangerous to me to acknowledge these polarities exist simultaneously and I get lost searching for to answer a question I haven’t really framed correctly . I can only sit with the confusion if it is really confusion at all – maybe just a pause to a new beginning .

    Hey , thanks for letting me share my thoughts this way . I really don’t know where I’m going .


  2. Thanks for a good piece of writing, Robert.
    I recently had the realization that our “idealized self” (as you put it) is the product of those mentors, heroes, parents, characters, etc. who we have idealized.
    I was fortunate to make some lucky choices – Ben Franklin, Jesus of Nazareth, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin – as a young person.
    I also made some questionable choices: Jack Kerouac, Bob Dylan, Arthur Rimbaud.
    So, while the former group led me to naturism, kindness to others, outside-the-box thinking and a love for the facts of the world around me, I am also drawn to substance abuse, misogynistic thinking, and irresponsibility…
    And it really all comes back to fetishising of a PERCEPTION of a personality (not the actual people; each of them is actually much more complicated).
    Just my $0.02


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