Naked Poetry – A Fearful Intimacy

divine motherI am currently writing poetry, naturist poetry, with the intention of one day bringing these new poems together into a book. This collection of poems have at the core of their existence, a book on Buddhist thought written by Pema Chödrön, When Things Fall Apart. The poem I bring to you today, is the second in the series: Naked Poems: When Things Fall Apart. I look forward to your responses.

A Fearful Intimacy

Beside you, perched on the edge of the horizon
With nothing between to shield raw emotion
Your body becomes my spiritual journey.

Your skin inspires, and breath is drawn in
And held until it is time to drop off the edge
Of our universe into a dissolution of ego.

Wading into the swell and surge of joining
Touching the soft inner universe that denies
Nothingness, that celebrates being alive.

And yet, there is a loneliness that is there
In spite of our engulfment of each other
A small death of us and self into nothingness.

Fear is natural
Fear is separation
Fear is being conscious
Fear is life
Fear is truth

And so, the return to intimacy with you
That must end in separation and a return
To consciousness is a celebration of life.

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