Naked Poetry

First book in the Naked Poetry series.

First book in the Naked Poetry series.

Well, the past few weeks have been very productive indeed, for me on the writing front. I finished publishing my novel as well as this book of poetry. Both books (as well as a few older books) are now available as free eBooks hosted at Smashwords, or as print books at Blurb. With the publishing projects now out of the way, I have more time for being present here on the blog site and doing what I like best – writing!

I have ideas for my second book of poetry, a set of poems that return to the idea of a meditative state of being and the healing of the soul. I hope to use Pema Chödrön’s book called, When Things Fall Apart.

I also will be following up on the novel with a sequel that follows the hero and heroine on their journey from coming together, through a series of adventures, a number of them naturist, until the decision to make the union formal results in marriage. Will it be for happily ever after? I guess that is yet to be discovered.

Now, back to writing.

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