A Happy Nude Halloween


If only it were possible, legal to body paint a Halloween costume.

Two bird houses have been cut out with the third one partly done with intentions to finish tomorrow. Tomorrow also sees me attending a hockey game in which my two oldest grandsons are playing on the same team. And, of course, I intend on getting a good start on the NaNoWriMo novel challenge. Tomorrow is supposed to be better weather than today’s cool, windy and overcast conditions. In a few minutes I will be handing out Halloween treats to local children. Of course that means I will have to put some clothes back on before I station myself at the door to greet the little trick or treaters. If I didn’t, I would likely soon end up in serious legal difficulties, something to which I am very averse. I like my freedom.

Today has been a good day, a day off from writing as I have finished my previous writing project. I even had time to do a bit of light reading during the lunch hour. I have recently set up a Facebook page and it can be found on the front page of this blog site. The URL is: http://www.facebook.com/Skyclad.Robert/ simple enough for me to remember. All of my posts here will be published with notices sent to that site as well as at the Twitter  account @SkyCladTherapy. If you have Twitter and/or Facebook accounts, please don’t hesitate to link up with me there as well.

Happy Halloween!

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