Blogging Nude With Nexus

Looking at a bigger picture

Looking at a bigger picture

There is not enough to keep me busy as it is, so I am trying to do a blog post using my new Nexus 7. The photo included is one I took with the tablet. There is a reason for attempting this, it is to attempt blogging with my tablet while walking the Camino sometime in the future.

On the writing front, I have returned to the practice novel after a two day hiatus. The work now sits with 46,000 words and three more days to go to reach my objective of 50,000 words.

I did get out for a long walk as well with my good wife, a walk in the sunshine. It was cold enough to require wearing gloves and a touque – winter approaches. Life on the prairies at this time of the year is not kind to naturism. Indoor nudism is what is left and that with a warm wrap kept close at hand. But rather than complain, one just gets tougher, acclimatized. Now, to try publishing.

2 thoughts on “Blogging Nude With Nexus

  1. I’ve been thinking about the Camino myself lately and considering how I might “train” . I walked 5 miles on Saturday along a beautiful trail here in Eastern Pennsylvania I didn’t know existed . The corn fields are all golden now and are leaves are turning brilliant oranges and reds . I walked by a creek and was struck by how still it was – no discernible movement at all – but healthy and clear .
    Have you thought about why you might undertake such a journey ? John Brierley’s book offers this question at the start – I keep thinking about it . But when the fellow recalls , as he walks , his original intention and how his thought patterns got in the way of being present – well , I understand . The ideas that floated across my mind ….well I don’t know why I start to recollect past moments as if I could change the outcome . I analyze everything -self consciously . I think were I to walk all day with no purpose other than to walk mindfully I might gain access to that space . Who knows ?
    I’m grateful that our paths have crossed . I searched for The Haunting over the weekend and will look at our local library . This summer was my first experience of naturism and so I’m also glad to find someone like yourself who has a perspective I can respect . It’s curious how our attitudes change over time . I’ve observed how some men are seemingly more comfortable in their own skin and others – not so much . I was singing with the group I belong to here at an Episcopal church in York and afterword at the lunch was surprised to see a fellow I know from our YMCA . One of the guys I was sitting with asked , how do you know Dave ? And he said , we shower together . Which is true but aside from the laughter he evoked – I have always thought , this is a guy who is not self conscious at all about being nude . And this makes being around him more easy going ….. So , anyway . Do you like to sing ? I belong to the Barbershop Harmony Society and we ( not I ) were in Toronto over the summer for a competition .
    Back to my original thought which really was about solitude . I have long been an admirer of the work of Thomas Merton and picked up , “Thoughts in Solitude” last night and read just a few pages ….This is what I think I’m hoping to find should I ever walk the Camino – a sustained solitude . I’m restless now .


    • Yes, I have thought long and hard about when I will recommence my Camino. I walked a part of the Camino in southern France a year ago, 300 km in 12 days. The next time I will leave from St Jean Pied de Port in France and hopefully walk the complex Camino Frances to Santiago in six weeks – walking relatively slowly. Why? Why walk the Camino? I doubt that I have a rational answer for this question. It is am impulse that I find myself being pulled to turn into action. For me, it is a vital lesson in terms of leaving my mind to learn about the reality of my body and soul. The mind messes up the reality of both in my opinion. The walking is purposeful in those terms. There is no choice but in being truly present in life while walking the Camino.

      Yes, I sing. I love singing. As a youth, I sang in various musical groups. Now, it is for my own amusement and/or to entertain my grandchildren or to serenade my wife. I am a musician of sorts as well, a lapsed musician.


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