Waiting, Working and Writing

Thinking of summer with the first flakes of snow falling

Thinking of summer with the first flakes of snow falling

Yes, the first snowflakes of the 2013-2014 late fall-winter season are falling here on the Canadian prairies. I have been doing some work with Photoshop Elements 10 with some of my photos in order to try and capture mood and psychological states of being. The results are interesting as you can see by this example. And yes, I am distracting myself from writing with this activity.

Another distraction is that of learning how to work with an android tablet, a Nexus 7. It is a fairly large learning curve which I though should happen before I begin the NaNoWriMo challenge on Friday. Yesterday I attended a warmup event for writers in this region of the prairies. I got to work through some ideas for the novel I will write so it made the time spent there worthwhile. I set up for problems with five major characters and a flow up scenes-settings for all of this to occur. I still have to come up with names for these characters, but there is no pressure, yet.

Another distraction, one of the best that I can think of, is the task of putting together Christmas gifts for four of six grandsons. The oldest two are more interested in money for some strange reason – teenagers. For the three in the middle, it’s toolboxes with an assortment of tools. I will cut out some birdhouses for them to construct with those tools as part of their gift. The youngest also gets to do some building with wood and then will use a paint set to decorate the two items. As well as the construction set, another item that will be warmly welcomed will be in his gift.

As a final note, it has been very windy and overcast with the temperature not getting above freezing all day – not a good day for enjoying a lot of clothing free time.

2 thoughts on “Waiting, Working and Writing

  1. Hi Robert,

    That is a mighty deep blue! I hope just a temporary reaction to the first snowflakes.

    The November writing event sounds like getting ready for a marathon -of the mind. I know I would be stocking up on chocolate!

    Your gifts sound wonderful. I’m sure they will be cherished for many years. Well maybe not the cash! 🙂

    Sounds like you need to go Scandinavian and build a sauna hut so you can rush out into the snow and make naked snow angels.




    • No chocolates for me, Bill. They steal my energy rather than giving me energy. As for the Scandinavian hut, I would hate to lose that much of my limited back yard. So I guess that leaves me here indoors like most other Canadians, waiting for spring and warm weather – or, becoming a snowbird and flying off to warm and sunny climes for much of the winter. 🙂


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