Naked Haunting Thoughts in the Pre-Dawn Darkness

James Hollis - Hauntings

James Hollis – Hauntings

The house is quiet and empty save for a small electric space heater humming in my office as I sit still in order to be here. I find myself easily distracted with forays into social media in order to sense the presence of others. Are they really there? Or are these presences hauntings of inner presences, complexes and their underlying connection with archetypes? As I add in a few words, here and there through the invisible spaces between my keyboard

and the visible platforms that take shape, my words take on their own presence, distant yet connected. Responses to these words are just that, responses to the words as though the words are actually a person. Each interaction becomes something more and something less that what perhaps was consciously intended. If anything, the spaces in between are indeed haunted by a swirling chaos of projections by self and others. And in those spaces, stories are being written.

“So, what is the “real” story of our lives? Are they all real or all unreal, all provisional? There are the stories we tell ourselves, and the stories we tell others. Some of them may even be true. But what are the stories which are storying their way through our dai- ly lives and of which we are mostly if not wholly unaware? What are the stories that represent our rationalizations, our defenses, the stories in which we remain stuck like flies in molasses? “ [James Hollis, Hauntings, p. 5]

As the darkness begins to lift with the approaching dawn, the ghosts are banished and life begins to take form. I begin to feel the chill in the air on my bare skin and sense the presence of others in my life, both in the house and in the houses of neighbours who are beginning to stir and turn on lights in their insulated homes. With night banished, I more easily return back to the world of ego and things.

2 thoughts on “Naked Haunting Thoughts in the Pre-Dawn Darkness

  1. Well this is the eternal question for which they seems to be only more questions ….As consciousness has no form what are we to make of all of this … the subtle awareness that perceives the active mind and hopes to move thru it to deeper understanding is the same mind that struggles to answer these questions that come back to form – this is a complex stirring ……I must say I’m confused .
    I recently finished James Hollis’s book , Finding meaning in the second half of life and it was a gift for the soul as well as the intellect . I never have come closer to understanding Jung before …..I made notes and highlighted sections I want to return to and give more thought around . Maybe I will send for this one , Haunting .
    If you are not familiar with the work of Wally Lamb , novelist , ( This much I know is True ……others ) I learned yesterday he has written a new one , We are water .


    • For me, there is some relaxation of confusement through Buddhism and Jungian psychological understanding of the world. I would also recommend Daryl Sharp’s books, especially the Survival Papers. Both Hollis and Sharp have served me well on my journey. Thank you for the heads-up on Wally Lamb. 🙂


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