Nearly Naked In The Garden

Yes, that was as good as it was able to get this afternoon while I was turning over the garden soil in preparation for winter. I have a small roto-tiller so that I can break up the packed dirt as well as mix in the egg shells, coffee grinds and leaves into the heavy clay soil of our garden. Since it was sunny, just a hint of a breeze and a balmy 12 Celsius (54F), off came the sweater and light jacket while I worked half-naked. I would have liked to remove more, but alas, it’s not to be in our little town on the prairies.

My writing project is progressing well as I have written 28,000 words so far for the “practice” novel. Don’t let the word practice fool you. This work will continue once the NaNoWriMo novel is completed in November. As November approaches, the idea for my challenge novel is beginning to give me hints as to what is to come. I have a few ideas such as story set with a young man discovering naturism while in search of his Magical Other. The second possibility is to have the story centre on a middle-aged man who says the hell with it all in order to go and live in a naturist community. So far I am tending to the first idea, both in terms of audience and trying to capture the magic that each of us experiences when we fall in love. I am a bit hesitant to wrestle with the second scenario at this point as it would have a very limited audience and be extremely difficult to write in order to present an idea of social nudity in psychological terms that is realistic.

With the approach of winter, I am finding quite a few tasks that need to get done while I still have decent weather to do them. For example, I will be heading out a little later this week in order to “rescue” some old barn wood which I will then turn into frames for my first daughter who will use them with her scrap-booking enterprise. I will also use some of the wood to make bird house kits for my second daughter’s three boys as I will be putting together some tool boxes for them as Christmas gifts this year – tools and a waiting project. In addition, I have some patching up of old nail holes and a repainting of two rooms that I hope to finish before the first of November. Busy times ahead.

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