Bringing This Site Back To Life

I was busy in the garden this afternoon turning over the soil and mixing in leaves, coffee grinds and egg shells in preparation of the coming winter snow. Because the temperature was eleven degrees celsius with no wind and radiant sunshine, I was able to work with my chest bared to the sun, probably the last day I will be able to do so until I go to Mexico for my winter sojourn. Full nudity is confined to the house, especially while I am busy writing. Still, that means most of my waking day is spent nude as the evening when I relax with my wife in the living room, clothing is discarded in favour of a housecoat just in case we get company or more likely, an evening chill.

I am shifting back to this Sky Clad site, co-publishing each post in order to keep those who continue to check in here in case there is something new posted. I am amazed that as many people show up each day as there has been over the past several months. I will also be bringing all the posts written at Naturist’s Lens here so that one site mirrors the other site.

It’s good to be back.

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