Denying the Naked Truth Through Fundamentalism

I was sitting in the living room this morning with my wife, enjoying a cup of coffee after breakfast. We were looking out the window at the autumn prairie landscape and talking as we usually do before we get busy with planned projects for the day. At one point, the idea of people trying to build up their own sense of worth by putting down others came up. Both of us found many examples of this basic human tendency from our workplaces where there is a fear of superiors and a disdain for inferiors in the pecking order of the workplace. The idea that we are all simply just humans doing a job the best we can, that we all have lives that are not our jobs, seems like a foreign concept. And, as usual, that got me thinking. I knew that this needed to be taken here, if not for you, my readers, then for myself so that I could spill out what I needed to say and free up energy for the projects of the day that lay ahead.

We are born naked; every last one of us was born without clothes, without much more than an immediate fear of an unknown world, born hungry. Somewhere along the journey babies learn that the world contains others somewhat like him or herself. Typically there is power in those relationships where the baby is powerless and learns that she or he is powerless in the face of the parent. Every baby also learns that she or he has a body and that the clothes on the body is not part of who they are. And when the baby is able to slip out of the clothes and become familiar with the body, there is a real pleasure in the sense of discovery about the self.

Babies soon become toddlers and the lessons begin to teach the child that the self needs to be hidden behind clothing as well as lies. And at this point in time, the need to find a new way to define the self arises. Does the child learn to relate to others and thus re-establish a relationship to self in terms of equality? Or. does the child learn to compete, to dominate, to retaliate with passive resistance? Whatever lesson the child learns, that lesson is carried forward into adulthood following years and years of practice.

Perhaps the child becomes a manager of a facility. As the manager, work relationship patterns emerge that can be traced to lessons learned while growing up. Will the manager dominate the supporting cast of characters in the workplace? Will the manager collaborate and validate the staff to achieve workplace needs? Unknown to the manager is that this is all occurring at the unconscious level.

Beneath the roles and the relationships each of us finds ourselves involved with as adults, we are still naked. Stripped of our roles, our titles, our wealth, our own ignorance, we are all vulnerable and naked. Why do we cower and grovel like some insecure pet before our bosses, our mates to whom we given over our own power of self, our authorities be they presidents or shift bosses? Each of these powerful others are really no different at all. They are all naked beneath their clothing in spite of how much they may have paid for that clothing. They all have to deal with the elimination of body wastes using the same body parts. They all have to deal with body health issues that come with passing viruses and other nasty sources and that come with aging. Beneath the veneer of job or social rank, the same insecurities weigh in to trouble sleep and give rise to troubling dreams or frightening nightmares.

What pisses me off are those who adopt a fundamentalist way of being in the world which needs to deny the value and worth of others in order to shore up their own insecurities. False truths and supporting dogma are used as weapons of mass psychological destruction. Young girls and boys, women and men are all enemies until and unless they mindlessly adhere to the dogma and enter the crusade to purify the world of others. Particularly frustrating and devastating is the crusade to deny the body, to wrap the body in darkness and declare it to be the tool of the ultimate enemy of humanity.

What brings on this rant? Well, it has several sources. The first that pops into my mind is how a government such as exists in Canada, has devalued the feminine, defunding groups that have women’s issues at their core, and has no will to deal with the issue of so many aboriginal women going missing in Canada. The message is clear – they are not worth it.

The second issue is that of how a political group in the U.S.A. has shut down government using the issue of entitlement, the right to good medical care by the lower classes within the country, the funding of which would eat into the entitled wealth of those who are working so hard to deny and defund.

And the last issue? Probably it was something I ate last night.

3 thoughts on “Denying the Naked Truth Through Fundamentalism

  1. Angry dude! Stop picking those mushrooms in the fields. 🙂

    I highly recommend the book, “The Righteous Mind” by Jonathan Haidt. It didn’t necessarily make me feel better but it does offer some explanations for the “left/right” divide we see increasing in width and depth in North American society.

    Your two peeves that you discus near the end may likely be coming from the same place as this contributor expresses relative to the magical thinking going on in the USA.

    The thing that peeves me is that these political decisions are clearly made on religious/theological grounds then the PR/spin doctors work up talking points based on secular arguments/rationalizations then the political trained seals go out and endlessly repeat them knowing that in 48 hours or less the story will have disappeared from the news cycle.

    Susan Delacourt’s new book “Shopping for Votes” is an equally depressing accounting of our own collective individualistic/selfish willingness to be bought by our politicians for a specific selfish treat at the expense of the “greater good”. The power of metadata mining thanks to the Internet has made this an extraordinarily effective device.

    The obsessive and irrational focus on sin and body parts is tragic in the face of the real macro drivers that are seriously mutating the human experience into something grotesque. Seems like the humanity version of “The Picture of Dorian Gray”

    But then again I am a glass half empty kind of person I guess!

    Looks like today will be the last, late, but glorious day to soak the bod in sunshine. Then it is check out the snowblower time! Groan.



    • I will be checking out these references, Bill. And I agree, time to leave those wild mushrooms alone. 🙂 Enjoy the sunshine. And during the cold winter, a nice quilt on a living room floor with the sun pouring in will give a pleasant illusion of summertime.


  2. ..
    Howdy from Texas

    Speaking of Health Care…
    There is a medical tendency to not embarrass patients by keeping them carefully covered. My Diabetes type II would have been discovered several years earlier if the Doctors and/or Nurses had seen me nude.

    I chain sawed my hand two years ago and went to the emergency room. I paid my $50.00 co-pay fee and got my 17 stitches. Later I found out each of us ‘haves’ pay about $1,000.00 per year extra for those ‘Have Not’ ER users.

    Now we are going the have Obama Care and it’s not going to cost us a dime!

    Keep up the good work.. Pat..


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