On The Road Again

Writing here is going to be a hit and miss thing for the next few days as I have just made the journey from Canada to America in order to visit three of my grandsons and their parents.  Yes, the grandkids come first. And yes, I did have to cross the border which was a worry now that the U.S. is in the midst of a government shutdown. Well, I worried for nothing as Border Services processed me faster than it ever has done in the past. I wasn’t even asked all of the typical questions, just a few of them before the officer processing me and the car smiled and sent me on my way. Now, the kids have all gone off to school and the parents have reported into their respective work places which means my wife and I have the house to ourselves. She is now in the process of baking some bread while I check my e-mail and do some writing.

Speaking about writing, I have written just over three thousand words in my practice novel which pleases me, especially since yesterday involved being fourteen hours between our home and our destination. Two of those hours were spent in a small city halfway along the journey where I got another session of acutherapy in order to deal with a few more allergy issues. Today is day three in my trial run. I imagine that I will have a good amount of time both today and tomorrow while the house is empty. Likely there will be no time on the weekend for writing when the grandkids and their parents are at home. Monday will be another day of travelling back to my home where a world of quiet and endless hours are available for me for writing. Then, it will all become a matter of energy, mood and desire to write – a good test in order to determine whether I actually begin the NaNoWriMo challenge on November 1st.

One of the things that travelling to visit family teaches me is that being a naturist in the modern world, especially in Canada and the northern states of America, is a conditional state of being. The first factor to consider is the reality that it is often too cold to be nude, especially out-of-doors. From June to September, the warmest part of the year, it is normal to have almost half of those days (or more) have weather conditions that suggest some clothing is advisable. Then there is the issue of biting and stinging insects which chase a person indoors behind screen doors and windows. Still, there are enough perfect days to be found to revel in obtaining an all-around tan (no tan lines) and being warm without clothing.

Now that it is October, being nude out-of-doors is a challenge. If I am honest, there will be very few hours on very few days for being nude sensibly. For example, it is supposed to snow in a few days here in North Dakota. Now, I have been nude in snow before, but always it was always for just a few minutes before reality demanded that I sensibly put on clothes. Add to this reality that one can only get naked when societal conditions allow, then even these rare moments become reduced. Regardless of the weather, one has to consider where  one is. I wouldn’t dare drive nude across the border when I know that Border Services will stop me. Some risks are not worth taking.

So, I learn to enjoy being nude when time and circumstance allows, and accept that at other times, being clothed is the best option for my own peace of mind.

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