Turning From Outer to Inner Living

Last for the season in our new-to-us camping trailer.

Last for the season in our new-to-us camping trailer.

The wind is blowing again, not yet quite as hard as yesterday, but hard enough to be knocking down as many leaves as possible leaving the trees looking rather naked if you ask me, skeletal even. Again the temperature dipped to the freezing mark over night, enough to convince me to winterize the camper and park it in a quiet safe place near our home. I’m not the greatest handyman in the world, but I did manage to do the task without breaking something in the process. I wisely decided to read the instruction manual several times, discuss it with my wife and then put the manual beside me as I worked through the process, step by step. And as a reward, I am now back in the house, clothing free, and writing. Life is good.

My poetry book is now complete, including photos and formatting. All that remains is to have my astute, skilled and kind reader get back to me on the actual poems themselves. Once that task is dealt with, I will be clicking on the publish button using the Blurb service and then ordering a copy or two for myself. I will put the ordering link here for anyone interested in purchasing the book. I will also consider ePublishing the book using Smashwords for those who want to buy an e-version of the book.



Now, my attention is shifting to building an outline for my first attempt at NaNoWriMo. Naturally it looks to be a curious blend of naturism, Jungian psychology and humour (if I can make it work). That project starts on November 1st and finished on November 30th. Can I focus on it for a full month in order to write a minimum of 50,000 words? Maybe, maybe not. But, the experience will be valuable for me in terms of both discipline and developing skills.

Just as an aside, I bought two used books while in the city a few days ago – Dark Eros, by Thomas Moore; and Nature, Man and Woman, by Alan Watts. I can hardly wait for the time when I begin to delve into these two books. Besides new reading material, I am again making time for learning more Spanish in preparation for another three months in Mexico. With that said, it’s time to leave this space and get on with the other things in life.

2 thoughts on “Turning From Outer to Inner Living

  1. Well , at least it seems to me that we have some common interests not the least of which is ” metaphysics ” . Alan Watts got my attention long time ago and whenever I come across something he wrote – I read – it – or re-read it . How do you like some of the contemplative writers ( I’m thinking about Merton ) The desert fathers … ect.

    Will you take your camper to Mexico ? I was there for the 1st time this past June with my daughter and grandson in Akumel .

    Look forward to reading your book of poems.


    • I have yet to get into Merton and others, David. No, I will not be taking my camper to Mexico. I have places to stay while there for three months. The book is basically done, but it appears it will cost about $20 to purchase as a print on demand book from Blurb. 😦 That will definitely be a negative factor for many. I will let all know when and where the book is available for purchase


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