The Sharp Clarity of Autumn Sunshine

Autumn morning on the Canadian Prairies

Autumn morning on the Canadian Prairies

I took this photo just moments ago from my back deck looking out at my garden shed which is covered with Virginia Creeper that has turned a beautiful red and gold.

Yes, it is now 3 degrees Celsius

Yes, it is now 3 Celsius

It is quite cool this morning on the prairies, and yes, I am writing this while wearing nothing but my skin. The sunlight does an admirable job in giving off a lot of warmth through the windows making the house feel quite warm, warm enough to avoid having to turn on central heating. Like almost all Canadian naturists, there is a shift from outdoor nudity to indoor nudity. As I noted in the last post, one takes advantage of where and when for nudity. When it gets colder out, then the heating system has to be turned on regardless of whether wants to be clothes-free or buried under layers of clothing.

With autumn now fully entrenched on the prairies, we are all aware here that winter is breathing down our necks. For those who are able to, there is a rush to book flights and accommodations in the warm, sunny south. Canadians are called snowbirds for a reason. Like the Canada Goose, we fly south in order to keep warm. And yes, our tickets are bought and paid for as are our accommodations for three months of winter. I don’t mind indoor nude living, but I do prefer to have ample time for simply being outside with nothing between myself and the sun except for air. How do you cope with winter cold and snow as a naturist or nudist?

4 thoughts on “The Sharp Clarity of Autumn Sunshine

  1. My personal circumstances have never allowed for significant amounts of time in and around the house to be spent nude. However, some creative landscaping has greatly improved outdoors opportunities, weather permitting, which means not often in Canada.

    Indoors has also been possible but not convenient because the “honey do” list is bottomless (pun intended) and often requires frequent trips to the detached garage. The additional activity of putting clothes off and on would hardly be worth the effort.

    As we head into the cold season(s), three out of four it seems, indoors alternatives are always a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, we have just had our basement finished and it is super insulated and a real “upstairs” quality environment. I have been thinking that this is going to be a very nice spot to curl up and relax once we get some furnishings down there.

    Sometime in the next couple of months I will have the – ahem – pleasure of recovering yet again from a second liver cancer surgery so cocooning in a quiet cool place “nude” (not sure what Borg like tubes and bags will be attached to me!) will be a special, maybe only, pleasure left.

    I’ll let you know.




    • Sad to hear about the need to return for more treatment, Bill. It has been a while since we last connected . . . and I was wondering. As a fellow Canadian, I also live with limited time clothing free, both indoors and out. It just is the way it is. Fortunately my garage is attached and I can (season permitting) do a few extra “to do” chores without putting on clothing – a risk at times because of very friendly neighbours who feel at home and enter at will. It’s all good except when I am not ready with some clothing.

      I hope to hear a lot more from you, friend, both here and hopefully via e-mail. -Robert


  2. I laughed out loud when I read your comment about friendly neighbours. We live in a typical 1960’s suburban subdivision of single floor homes. One of our neighbours who is quite elderly now is one of the original home owners and she and the neighbourhood obviously grew up during a time when the place was wall-to-wall ankle biters who ran in and out of each other’s houses without a thought and apparently the adults also did the same.

    Too complicated to explain the circumstance behind the event but suffice it to say that a few days before your post I was in the basement which is newly refinished so there are no clothes in closets yet. I had been enjoying some private glorious fall sunshine and was in the basement naked when I heard a voice. I thought it was my wife returning from shopping and so I started to head towards the basement stairs because I thought I’d get into some clothes and help unload the groceries. Just a few feet before I was about to turn the corner and do a “big reveal” I realized that the voice was this elderly neighbour standing at the foot of the basements stairs! I quickly stopped and explained that I was naked. She just stood there like it was no big deal. I finally went to the bathroom and wrapped a towel around myself and after an extremely brief conversation hustled her out the door. Locking myself in the house now!! 🙂



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