Nude When Possible – Reframing the Naturist Agenda

Getting depressed and staying depressed.

Getting depressed and staying depressed.

We had visitors from yesterday afternoon until today, mid-morning. The couple who had arrived to spend the night are always welcome visitors and it doesn’t take long before discussion began to take in as many topics as could be fitted into the time between meals and card games. Religion, Politics, Syria, Gun Control, Education, Immigration, Health Care, First Nations, the Economy and missed opportunities in trading stocks were just some of the topics that were covered. It wasn’t long before a sense of almost hopelessness about the situation in the world settled in. Finding and naming problems seemed so easy, yet approaching solutions ran into roadblocks. Neither of us seemed to know where answers would come from, how we would make the next steps, even what those next steps could be. In a way, it was all quite depressing. As we looked at our country and the world around us, we were ashamed and depressed of how it was all turning out.

A portion of the suffering in depression comes from our inability to give it language and imagery. It feels vague and therefore without meaning. We don’t know what to do because we don’t know what it is.” [Moore, Original Self, p. 33]

In spite of the stalemate, we discarded the topics in favour of card games and some wine. We knew we didn’t know where to begin or even what the real cause of all these problems were.

Nudity is banned - keep your clothes on.

Nudity is banned so keep your clothes on.

Now, my guests are gone and I am taking time to reflect on the mood that arose from our discussions. It seems that everything that has value to us is being tested in order to have us make choices about just what we value and how much we value these things. What do we want, need, regardless of obstacles? What are we willing to give up knowing we can’t have it all? And why?

For me, at this time in my life, naturism is a vital part of my life. I need to experience being free of clothing at times. It’s as though it allows my body to breathe. I had to risk communicating this need to my wife and in the process, risk respect continuing in our relationship. If I would have stayed silent, I would have become more depressed in trying to hide and repress this need. I was lucky – perhaps not as lucky as having already established a significant level of trust, tolerance and openness with each other.

Nude when possible.

Nude when possible.

That is an individual case study, but what of the growing intolerance of naturism in the larger society which was never very tolerant of nudity to start with? What is the problem? Can we actually name it? Well, as I realised last night, the problem begins and ends with the individual. And, the solution begins and ends with the individual. We constantly forget that all communities, all societies are simply gatherings of individuals.

So I need to turn back and look at myself. What is problematic for me? That is actually a hard question, for as I search for the words to speak what I need, I find myself struggling to find the words to describe the stirrings and needs and fears and hopes that lay within. So I find myself stepping back into simpler tasks – simply getting nude when possible. As I have been doing this, I find that I begin to stretch the “when possible” definition. Of course, in doing this I begin to bump into situations where I am faced with fear and indecision.

Yet, I risk and dare and in the process, there are more and more possibilities found. Now, my neighbours know of my time spent naked. As they come to the door and find me greeting them wearing a towel or a wrap, they sense my nudity even though I am technically not nude. Relationships with neighbours is not deteriorating or disappearing. Individual to individual we are simple discovering and rediscovering the reality of a known and accepted person.

Now, if all of us did something as simple as this, gently and slowly stretching the boundaries of nude when possible, the larger problem shrinks. If we confront the larger community, there is a significant reactive response that typically ends up with the “nude when possible” opportunities shrinking. At least, this is how I see it at this point in time.

6 thoughts on “Nude When Possible – Reframing the Naturist Agenda

  1. Robert . Look forward to your posts . I’m always left with a lot to think about .And feel like the ideas could be developed at much greater length . I thinking about the gender post you wrote about yesterday . And wondering just how we come to separate our identities in this way and what part psychology plays in all of this . I have a friend who recently decided he was trans-gender and while I knew and he had expressed that he always had felt more comfortable with “girls”as opposed to “boys” I never really thought he could be “trans-gender ” . I’m not even really sure I know what this means . He very much looks like a guy – acts like a guy – is married and has a daughter . He is my friend and I’m not judging him …. but somewhat confused about all of this ….. Like him I have felt it easier to relate to females as a kid but I never wanted to be female . Until I started therapy a couple of years ago I didn’t think it was possible to be intimate with another male without it carrying some kind of sexual overtones . I don’t feel that way now . I think I missed many opportunities for healthy relationships and naturism has removed some of the psychological barriers that make this possible now …..


  2. I wanted to say thank you for sharing this post. I understand completely. I am with someone who is not a nudist/naturist he knows I love it and crave it and supports me in it. This weekend going to Young Nudist Convention in FL. He knows about it and knows something means a lot to me. He is thankfully very supportive. I am however confronted with people who say it will not work and that my naturist side will conflict with his non. I have to disagree, just because it does not work for him and it does for me does not mean we are not goo together. This is for me not for him and he knows it. We are two individuals who want to be with each other and do not need to have the same like, we are not the same and we love each other and want the differences. I wanted to say. Thanks for sharing this with me. I understand you can’t take a way who you are, I know for me the when possible gets greater and greater and I love it.


  3. This is an excellent article. This is exactly how the world is changed one thought, one opportunity, one person at a time. In reading this article I recalled that I followed the same path – the need to be naked and free – the experience of sharing that need with my wife – her accepting. One person changed. Now we are naked and free together. Going to a pond in the wild – getting naked skinny dipping. Other people showing up – they see us naked they get naked and skinny dip. That is how the world is changed. Just do it – one person at a time.


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