Poetry Through a Naturist’s Lens

download (1)I have begun to put my book of naturist themed poetry together. I am using the Blurb templates as I have for my previous books which I have featured at my other site, Through a Jungian Lens. I am not sure yet, but I think the book will be softcover with poems alternating with photos that hopefully will add to the overall experience. The working title of the book is Poetry Through a Naturist’s Lens, not very original, but it does keep with way I have approached all of my writing here on Through a Naturist’s Lens. This isn’t an advertisement for Blurb, but simply a statement of fact. I could have chosen a different service, but it would have meant beginning to focus on the software rather than on the actual process of editing and compilation for my book.

As I begin the process, I find that I am working with the poems at had, fine-tuning them as I condense them in hopes of making each line worth reading and hearing. I find myself adding in missing parts and removing the wordy parts. It isn’t going as quickly as I had originally thought it would. I had assumed that since the poetry already existed that it would simply be a matter of copying and pasting then adding the relevant photos.  I should know better since I have done this before. Oh well, back to the task, a task done best while clothing free.

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