No One Has a Clue So Follow Your Soul

BTbwEfGCcAApeQfIn an earlier post I talked about how naturism is a deviant practice in reference to the modern world in which I and many other naturists find ourselves. When I say deviant, I am not declaring a state of immorality or evilness. Rather, I am strictly talking about the practice of naturalism within the context of the modern western world, especially that of Northern America. The larger society is phobic about keeping clothing on regardless of the weather and activity conditions. Common sense is not a consideration. I like how Thomas Moore looks at the term deviancy as “veering off the straight line.”

“Humans often have a preference for straight lines. We think of evolution and human development as following an uncrooked path toward perfection. We expect our neighbors to walk the straight and narrow”.

Religion somehow, likely through the process of falling into and growing power in a world that was ripe for exploitation, began to believe its own messages which were created to increase and solidify its power, messages which basically said to give up personal autonomy in favour of the collective ruled by the Church. In accepting the authority of the Church as the true and only mediator between the Divine and self, people learned to be sheep. Tolerance of the outliers, those who didn’t fit too well into the role of sheep was lost and in its place, grew a fear that the collective would suffer for the actions, the straying away from the straight and narrow. The Church reinforced this collective believe blaming all the misfortunes of life and nature on the presence of these outliers.

Today the church has been supplanted in power by the economy where the dollars are doled out to the sheep who follow the new straight and narrow, one that keeps the church as ally. Fear of being denied heaven has been replaced with fear of losing all the riches promised and given for following the straight and narrow. Heaven and earth – both at risk. No wonder there is no tolerance for those unable or unwilling to follow a straight line through life.

But some, find themselves circling through life like the seasons. A different reality, a different heaven catches the attention, a reality and heaven that isn’t based on fear. All that is asked is to honour the soul of the earth, the soul of humanity and one’s personal soul. Rather than retreat from confrontation with the dark moments, the tragedies, the storms and winter; we are invited, perhaps even required to get caught up in the seasons of life rather than spend all of our energy trying to go in a straight line to some dubious final destination.

2 thoughts on “No One Has a Clue So Follow Your Soul

  1. I don’t recall hearing the parallel between the economy and and church expressed like this before . But undoubtedly there is a link . I could go on , and on about this . But suffice it to say after many years in the Roman Catholic church , I felt obliged to leave when I was told by my parish priest that I hadn’t given enough money to the collections for someone who had two children in the CCD classes ( These are instructional classes in the Faith practices for kids whose parents can’t afford to pay the fees for private catholic school education) . I had been a member of that church for 18 years , was married there ,and all 4 of our kids baptized in the church . I had recently lost my job ( I still had my part-time job , as did my wife ) But never , ever felt that being a member of Christ’s body as it were could be quantified in this way .
    My faith has only grown deeper as a result of that experience and enlarged
    I think we really must tackle questions like this if we are to ever come to a serious understanding of the role of religion in our lives . In my opinion I saw the church begin to mirror the same structure as American corporations back in the 1980’s and I’m sorry about this . We have pockets of exclusivity within the educational community , especially , private that cause me great concern . Will these grow up thinking they are part of a special class and so increase the divisions that already exist between them and their peers ?
    Don’t mean to rant . This is my nature . Yesterday I received two books in the mail , Camino de Santiago , John Brierley , and June Singer , boundries of the soul . I’m so excited to begin reading both .


    • If you think about it, the church was the original corporate structure upon which more modern corporations based their own empires. Every individual thinks of themselves as special and when groups are told that they are the righteous whether religious, political or corporate enterprises, these “chosen” hang onto their status for dear life. Enjoy your new books. 🙂


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