Naked With Nothing On My Mind

I have started today’s post, at least in my mind, quite a few times today. It seemed that each article I read on-line in newspapers or on highlighted blogs (thanks, Twitter), was ripe for me to add in my two cents, or more. But then, I got distracted with yet another story, another bit of “news,” or by some bit of trivia. In between I took time out to enjoy a second, then a third cup of coffee while sitting out in the sunshine. While out there, I decided I may as well get on with the task I had noted for myself on the whiteboard that is placed at eye-height level on our refrigerator – some trees needed trimming and our cedars needed a haircut.

Back at the computer, ready to finally write, I again wandered away to my small library and picked up a new book I purchased – Original Self, by Thomas Moore. I took the book out into the sunshine to read. As I read, I saw that the book was rich in “Tweets,” those short 140 character messages that somehow become nuggets of gold, or perhaps nuggets of addictive data. Back again at the computer, a series of Tweets were sent. All of a sudden, I realised that it was almost mid-afternoon, so I prepared our evening meal, a pot of soup, a hamburger, corn and potato soup that was a treat served by my French-Canadian grandmother when I was a child. Then I put on the water to boil for some tea as my wife would be returning from a day spent at work.

So here it is, a day gone and no world-changing post to add to my blog site. Ah, but that is okay. After all, the day was all about being present with my world rather than lost in my head somewhere in cyberspace.

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