Psychological Naturism

It gets cooler and the sun is less present in autumn.

It gets cooler and the sun is less present in autumn.

I woke up this morning to a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius, and like other days, was up having a cup of coffee by 7:00 am. Unlike last month, the sun wasn’t flooding the yard inviting me to come and enjoy its warmth. A thin patch of sun did show up in the yard by nine even though there were no clouds in the sky to obscure the sun. Like it or not, being nude outside is not a morning activity anymore, at least until sometime in the late spring or early summer here on the Canadian prairies. Thankfully, I have arranged for three months of warmth in Mexico to start the new year.

Autumn is a visual and sensual reminder that nothing is permanent, that life is all about change. For me, there is a tendency to sadness in the fall, something that I need to monitor and deal with if I am to avoid a slide from sadness into depression. Autumn is also an season that invites reflection, poetry and connection with a larger spirit. I guess that the season invites one to become a psychological naturist, a term coined by a Jungian psychologist. That said, there are still parts of the day and the season where one can be comfortable outdoors enjoying sunshine, being a physiological naturist. This is a time of flux, neither the extroverted season of summer nor the season for introversion, winter.

Autumn reminds me of alchemy, the process of transformation. For example, today I am working with my wife in the processing of cabbage into sauerkraut. The process is one that has been going on for two weeks. We started with cabbage that was green and rooted in the earth, then brought that life to an end to reduce the heads of cabbage into shreds of its former self. Using special agents, we placed the shreds into holding vessels and applied natural heat to force the transformation process. Today, the result is being bottled and again given heat in order to seal the former cabbage into glass jars as sauerkraut. Yes, this is an age-old domestic process that one could say has no psychological significance, but one would be mistaken. Everything in our life has psychological significance for there is no separation, real separation between the physical and the psychological – all makes a whole, a unity.

Now, back to the process. I will return with more.

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