Returning To Naked Presence

Naturist refuge on wheels

Naturist refuge on wheels

At the end of August I bought a new camping trailer, just days after selling the tent trailer. The trailer has already seen seven nights of usage in less than two weeks with three of those nights spent at Green Haven Sun Club, what I could best call my naturist home campground. It seems that all I have done for the past two months is spend time on the road. Being on the road hasn’t really come to an end, yet. There are two more planned trips which will take place in the next month. One involves our new camper and a wine-tasting event and the other is a family visit in the USA. It’s time for me to begin, now, to spend some time at home and take life in a much slower lane for the next four months until we leave for a three-month stay in Mexico.

Being constantly on the move has left me feeling out-of-kilter. And, to be honest, being out-of-kilter has contributed to less energy, less desire to do the things I love and need, including time to meditate and taking the opportunities that exist to be free from clothing. As I begin to lose desire, I begin to believe that these things are not needed for my well-being. And so, the spiral picks up speed until I crash. Crashes are vital as they serve as a wake-up call to let me know that I must invest in these things that bring me back to well-being that is both physical and mental. Crashing forces me to slow down, to breathe, to simply sit.

Now, I find myself with the energy to return here, to engage with my self and others, my readers. With that all said, it is time for some warm sunshine and soul-healing au naturel.

2 thoughts on “Returning To Naked Presence

  1. Robert . What a cool abode . You are quite fortunate . As I read your words and thoughts I feel as a “kindered spirit” might when he recognizes in the other a fellow sojourner who has also sought to know truth in all its dimensions . Reading your impressions around the dharma , your reflections , and insights are illuminating to me . Perhaps you are a teacher .

    I must be careful or I become full to soon and don’t allow the thoughts to penetrate my own consciousness , to sit with the sublime for long enough to know that it is enough . This is what I thought as I read over your reflections on the wisdom presented in these words . Thank you . I will return again and again to be present . When does the day begin and where does it end ? Can this beginning beget another beginning ? Can the end be conscious of “it” as end ?
    I belong to a small Sangha , The Water in the Wave Sangha , here in York , Pa. I have not participated over the summer as events in my life have unfolded . And maybe I’m just confused or lack commitment . I feel pulled in a lot of directions simultaneously and like you I need to step back . I’m truly perplexed at my dive into naturism and most people who know me would be surprised to learn just how liberating I have found this experience to be as an individual and in community .
    thanks again,


    • 🙂 Yes, I am a teacher and a guide. I was a professional teacher for thirty five years within public schools and a university. I took those skills and worked as guide and therapist with students, staff and community. Though I am a teacher, I am even more a student. I have learned long ago that I don’t really know that much and that I must constantly look for wisdom out there somewhere until I am able to recognise its presence within. I like this image of being kindred spirits. Thank you.


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