Naked Rednecks

Naked Rednecks

Close to the earth
Closer to instincts
Daring to flaunt
Deviants in spirit
Refusing to be tamed
And laughing at life

Challenging, embracing their deviancy
To dress or not to dress
Listening to their bodies and nature
Teaching them, guiding them through life
For answers to questions unasked

Yet beneath the masks
Lie complicated and tortured
Spirits, souls that know
That all is not so simple
So easily fixed
With the shedding of clothes.
Seeking redemption from
The sun, the air, the earth

Yet, even redemption
Is fleeting as the time
For re-entering a world
Outside of their private
Naked spaces demands
A return to the world
Of confusion, fear and suffering
A world in which soul
And spirit are banished

2 thoughts on “Naked Rednecks

  1. I’ve had those same feeling after leaving retreats where I felt closer to it , safer in it , and a fraternity that would not be “out there” once I re-entered the world of time and place .


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