A Naturist's Bucket List

Bucket list - bucket

Bucket list – bucket

Recently I read a short article asking what would be on “your” naturist bucket list. Now for those not in the know, a bucket list is a wish list of things one wants to do before one dies, before one kicks the bucket. I saw the movie called The Bucket List in 2007 and at that point, added the expression to my vocabulary. Now that I am retired, I am looking ahead to more adventures with my life partner, and perhaps for some of these adventures, it will be necessary to do it alone.

For example, my wife wants to go skydiving at some point and go white water rafting. Well, these bucket list items will have to be spit into a solo bucket list item, the skydiving, and one that we can do together, white water rafting. Together we are planning fall (September and October) and winter (January, February and March) travel adventures. There is so much of the world we want to see. However, we both know that life is unpredictable and that we don’t know how many years lie ahead of us. So, as a result, we are building our travel adventures one a priority basis. And should we live healthy long enough, we might even fit in all of these travels before deciding to sit back and be satisfied with the view from our back deck for our final years.

But what about a naturist bucket list? Well, there are some things and some places that come to mind. I want to begin with places. Montalivet and La Jenny, France are the first two that come to mind, and in that order. Yes, I want to try golfing au naturel as one of my bucket list items. As I think on other places, a beach on one of the Greek Islands and a beach in Croatia come to mind. A final destination, perhaps a naturist beach in Brazil. Sticking closer to home, I would like to visit at least one naturist site in each Canadian province. Anything more than these would be a bonus. Perhaps more places would be added should life treat me kindly.

What about things to do while clothing free? Well, it seems I have done most of these bucket list desires already. I have already spent time on beaches while nude – Canadian lakes and rivers, the Mediterranean Sea, the Caribbean Sea, the Indian Sea, the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean are places that quickly come to mind. I have been able to swim naked in these places as well. I also got to swim nude in a hotel swimming pool when I was twenty-one with a group of similarly aged co-corkers. I sleep naked. I have done many things naked within our home. I have visited at the home of a naturist for an afternoon of visiting and BBQing while all were clothesless. I have spent time at a naturist campground with others. And, I have spent time in the prairie hills enjoying short hikes and the immense silence under the prairie sun. There are other things which I have been able to experience naturally over the years which I can’t think of at this moment. So, what else is there that I want to do while nude?

Golfing is one thing that comes to mind, but as I said above, that is an event that is part of the La jenny experience near Bordeaux, France. I would like to canoe/kayak nude at some point on one of our northern lakes; and fish nude while there. I was just going to add making a snow angel, but then remembered a winter in Nelson, B.C. when I was attending university – while visiting a prof’s home on the mountain, a sauna experience and then a romp in the snow was an experience lived. I want to write a book of naturist poetry while nude and have it published and then read by others.

What is on your bucket list, your naturist bucket list?

26 thoughts on “A Naturist's Bucket List

  1. Hike nude on more wilderness trails. Do the WNBR nude and have people see me for what and who I am and not viewed as something sexual. To be able to do simple errands nude ! The list can go on !


    • Hi Thurston,

      Well, with that said, you realise that once on the bucket list, there has to be an effort to complete the items on the list. So when and where are you riding in the WNBR? Love to hear more from you. 🙂


  2. Robert, the proximity of one to us is not good. Would require much effort but it sure looks enjoyable and worthwhile plus you have to love the message it sends about how orderly and green conscious nudist really are.


    • Like you, I am too far from a WNBR to include it in my bucket list. Even if it was close, the event doesn’t seem to draw me. Riding horseback as Yvonne suggests is more interesting for me than riding a bike – but then, I live on the prairies in what is that last of the wild west. 🙂


  3. Howdy…
    I have enjoied reading your posts!
    I am retired but don’t have the wherewithal to travel but I live as nude as possible without being obnoxious.
    I once snuck into a YMCA camp at night in the nude and paddled an aluminum canoe in their little lake that was surrounded by their dorms. Then practiced archery at their range with my equipment. I was careful to not damage or disturb their camp. Here’s hoping you get to have the fun of getting to kayak and canoe in the nude soon!
    Have a good one..…. Don S..


    • Great efforts (and successes) at naturist adventures. Nude swimming and such was often done in the evenings in campgrounds and lakesides where naturism was not an option in the daytime. Thanks for writing, Don. I look forward to more in the future. 🙂


  4. Hello Robert,

    I just wanted to say that I so enjoy reading your blogs and letters. It was a sad day to see you leave the Nook and let you know that you will be truly missed there.

    As for the Bucket List. Well I have pretty much lived the dream where naturism is concerned. I live my life daily free from the restraints of clothing and have done many things along the way. Nude horseback riding comes to mind. I enjoy this so much.

    As for things to do. I am with your wife on the skydiving thing, although I have instructed and jumped for many years in the past, the closest I ever came to an au natural jump was in Lingerie and high heel shoes. So ultimately a nude skydive out of helicopter would do me wonders. Also nude Ice fishing is on the agenda for this winter. I can’t wait.

    Keep your dreams alive and live them to the fullest.

    In Friendship


    • Thanks Yvonne. I do hope that we get down to Freedom Fields in a few years time. It looks as though we have booked our autumns for the next two years after this fall with Europe. Eastern Canada has to wait for us as we take care of distance travels while health permits. As you can see, my writing hasn’t come to an end. I wrote long before the Nook existed and will continue doing so. Both of us are invested in living our dreams, and that living dreams includes our family, friends, travel and adventures – clothed and clothing free.

      in friendship,


  5. Robert,

    Your might like to contact Kay Hannam at Wai-natur Naturist Park on the South island of New Zealand. She and her partner, Brian, have organized some annual nude golfing as well as group boating trips around the sounds in their country naked. They own a small naturist resort/spa in the Marlborough region which is famous for its vineyards and wineries.

    Kay has also just published a personal account of her life as a nudist and activist for nudism both regionally and internationally. The book is titled “Nude With Attitude” and is available from:
    Kaden Publishing
    2704 State Highway 63
    Wairau Valley RD1
    Blenheim 7271 NZ
    or online at : http://www.naturist.co.nz

    Kay has been the NZ representative to the International Naturist Federation World Congress and travelled extensively throughout Europe and Eastern Europe visiting numerous naturists facilities there.

    Kay is one of the few people who I think is living her “bucket list” life everyday.

    Don Giles


    • Don, what a great bit of information you have given me (and my readers which numbered over 700 today). I will follow up with some research and likely add it to my bucket list for when I am in New Zealand (which is already on my wish list).


      • The events are usually scheduled to be held in March–a good weather time in NZ. This year they were on the 26th. It sounds like a real good time and is certainly an incentive to visit NZ.
        I stayed at Wai-natur in November, 2011 and had a great time. On the North Island, Katikati Park has been developed by Kevin & Joan and is also a fun place to relax. Their restored caravans are a hoot.
        NZ also has quite a few naturist clubs that are landed and offer lodging and facilities for visitors.



      • Yes it is a reflection of a greater acceptance of nudism by the society there, I think.

        Also, I was in Australia once and stayed in upper Queensland at a B & B. I asked the owner, Mandy, where there was a nudist beach and she said, “Go to the main entrance of any beach turn right or left and go about 100 yards and you are there!”

        It’s too bad that our country seems to be going in exactly the opposite direction from these liberated countries. I was really surprised to read recently that every beach in Denmark is C/O. I really appreciate that attitude of a society.


  6. Hello, I love your bucket list. I am not a full time nudist, but I do participate as much as possible. I haven’t had the opportunity to do this for several years now, but I hope an opportunity appears soon.

    Since I have an audience, I will take the opportunity to plug the book I wrote in 2001, immediately after returning from a vacation at Hedonism II in Jamaica. I called it,
    “Being Naked: Attitudes Toward Nudity through the Ages,” by Susan L. Stanton. I have a few hundred books left, but since it is out of print, I am offering it for the price of a mere $10. You can look me up on Amazon.com, but my inventory with them is depleted. They do have some used books available, but you should get a shiny, new, autographed copy from me. I researched for my materials for a full year before I started writing and I loved doing it. I am going to start a new weight loss book soon. I originally sold about 3,000 copies of it at the retail price of $18.95. If I recoup my money, I may do a new print run. I explain why I went to a nude beach and give you many reasons why you should too. You could give a copy to a friend of yours that is “on the fence” as far as trying it. I got many reviews from local newspapers, did radio interviews and cable shows to promote it. I had a blast. It is a fast, well researched read at 145 pages. I welcome reader’s comments and I have received emails from all over the world. To order, send a check to Susan Stanton for $10.00, plus $3.95 for shipping and handling. Mail it to:
    Chris Conrad in care of
    Miller, Canfield
    150 West Jefferson, Suite 2500
    Detroit, MI 48226

    The most interesting thing I discovered through my emails is that there are 100’s of what I call “closet nudists” that admitted to me (only) that they partake in this activity. Most people do not tell their friends or family where they are going on weekends! Do you have a closet nudist in your neighborhood? I did it and I am not the least bit ashamed of it, but most participants are deathly afraid of negative repercussions.
    Hope to here from a lot of you.



    • Hi Susan,

      I hope that enough people take you up on your offer of a great buy for a book that is supportive of nudism. Thanks for making yourself known here and I do hope you come back and share some of your ideas in response to a number of my posts (past and future). Good luck in your writing endeavours. 🙂


    • Well hello: I fully intend to follow this site intently. I find it incredibly fascinating. Would you like to be my first customer? I am very interested in your reaction to my spin on things in my book.



      • I do hope you will return the favour when I post links to my “books” here on Naturist Lens. They are more about photography and the human psyche than anything else. A book of Naturist poetry is in progress as is a book about using naturism as part of the therapeutic process for healing the soul. 🙂


      • Robert – just wondering what are your thoughts about naturism as theraphy healing process and what is your relationship to Jungian Psychology ?

        On my bucket list was attending a nude resort or naturist experience . Now that I’ve done this I’m reflecting on just how liberating this can be in an internal but “individuated ” way .


      • My thoughts regarding naturism as a healing process? Well, to be honest, I think that for some, such as myself, it is a vital component of the healing process. What is my relationship to Jungian psychology? Well, I have taken a fair number of Jungian Psychology certificate programs and have invested in study for more than twenty years. I am a Jungian psychotherapist at heart. However, like all therapists, analysts, psychologists, etc., no one approach to therapy is sufficient. I also use Solution-focused therapy, cognitive therapy, Gestalt therapy and brief therapy models from time to time. For issues of midlife, meaning and identity, I find it best to go slow with dream work, poetry, art and stories within a Jungian framework. I hope that this somewhat answers your questions.


  7. Winning our division at the “Volleyball World Series” (2002) and hiking nude in upstate NY’s Catskill mountains were both great experiences, but Great Bend National Park in Texas is now my top Bucket List destination.


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