Reasons For Being A Naturist – Part 2

Naturism in the world - even a in a northern climate.

Naturism in the world – even a in a northern climate. – used with permission – Norwegian Naturist Federation.

Last day I began to talk about the reasons for being a naturist according to K. Bacher. I talked about the comfort value and the mental health value that naturism provides to humans who all are born nude – the human natural state of being. Bacher goes on to talk about the word modesty, a word often used as a reason to try and enforce non-nudity by the larger society which somehow fears nudity, even their personal nudity in private.

Of course one has to understand that we are born nude and that as children we don’t have a sense of shame with regards to our naked body until the adults in our lives teach us that being naked is somehow bad, that we should hide our nakedness, that we should be ashamed of being nude. We are carefully taught modesty as being defined as wearing clothing. That said, even nudity as in the exposure of one’s genitals is not universally regarded as something shameful. For some it is the back of the head, or the face, or the . . . the list goes on and it changes over time. For example, it was considered immodest to show one’s ankles in the western world just a century ago. Now, one can be wearing a bikini and still be considered modest. Rational? Not really.

“Shame comes from being outside mores, not from specific actions or conditions.”

That pretty well captures it all. Mores change as societies change. And, societies are always changing.

The next category supporting the rationale for being a naturist has to do with sexual health. As Bacher aptly puts it, “Sexuality is a matter of intent rather than state of dress.” And it is sexuality that is at the heart of sexual health. In our modern world, the art of seduction is all about how one dresses, applies makeup, and how one carries one’s body. Again, as Bacher puts it:

“Clothing focuses attention on sexuality, not away from it; and in fact often enhances immature forms of sexuality, rather than promoting healthy body acceptance.”

There are real reasons for fear of sexual exploitation. Sexual abuse of children (boys and girls), rape of girls and women, and molestation are just a few of the reasons to be concerned about. However, in all of these cases, nudity wasn’t a catalyst for sexual abuse and exploitation. Two of the biggest areas of sexual exploitation are pornography and advertising. If nudity was not repressed there would be no pornography industry. Naturism as a socially accepted way of being is the greatest threat to that industry.

These four categories comprise forty-nine of the 205 reasons for being a naturist as put forward by Bacher. I encourage you to read 205 Arguments for Naturism and see these forty-nine reasons. I will return here with part three in the near future.

2 thoughts on “Reasons For Being A Naturist – Part 2

  1. For some strange reason, many naturists often use the textile’s fantasies as the starting point to explain what Naturism brings to their life… and end up explaining what it is NOT rather than what it IS.

    Some others try to avoid this trap but fail to explain what it IS as well, when they say that “In a naturist club people do exactly the same things as other people with the only difference: they don’t wear clothes”. What’s the point then?

    Finally, I almost never hear naturists to say the truth:

    The main explanation of why naturism is so beneficial is that it frees people from irrational fears of other people. Clothes make us SLAVES of irrational fears and hypocritical lies about their necessity. Naturism LIBERATES us from slavery.

    This point even overshadows the widely known fact that going without clothes as much as we can is also actually very HEALTHY.

    Finally, the absence of fears and closeness to the nature brings us into harmony with ourselves, other people and nature, thus making us BEAUTIFUL. Did you notice how many people are looking for “nude” photos? This is because they are looking for beauty which they miss in their textile life.


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